• Brewing better coffee - together.

There’s a whole load of information out there about brewing coffee. A lot of it is extremely in-depth, some of it is confusing and difficult to understand, and loads of it is distinctly old-school. 


 We’ve been where you are, frustrated, confused and getting inconsistent or sub-optimal brews. You deserve better. So, we’re releasing a mini-series of blog posts which will help you to get the fundamentals down and cut through some of the myths. We’ll be discussing grinding, water, coffee dosing, distribution, extraction and all the rest of it. Our goal is to make it all as easy to understand as possible by providing you with a good grip of the basics, so you end up with a solid foundation from which you can start to push the boundaries of your brewing. 


We have been running face to face training for beginners for a few years now and the same themes emerge time and time again. 1:1 sessions are great but groups make for super powerful shared learning and this is why we have also just launched a coffee brewing Facebook Group. Join up and you’ll have instant access to the skills, knowledge and experience of others. By sharing your own frustrations and triumphs, you’ll help others to learn too. The group will aim to be supportive and encouraging so don’t be afraid to get in there and ask anything you like. 


Oh, and just to be clear - there is no cost involved and you don’t need to be one of our customers to become a group member either. Our first post in the series will be released within the next week so in the meantime, have a great week and happy brewing! 


Get to the group by clicking here.