• Changes to our delivery services

First, some good news. We’ve managed to reduce the cost of our DPD packages to £3.95. At the same time, we’ve struggled to figure out how we can continue with our local delivery service. 


We first started regularly delivering our coffee to local customers in Sheffield for free back in 2015 - so bringing this service to an end has not been an easy decision to make. 


The current pandemic has been challenging. We’ve had to really examine our operations and figure out where we need to focus our energy and make best use of our limited resources. As we’ve sat down and looked at the numbers, our free delivery service just doesn’t work financially.


It also takes up a lot of time, sometimes running into two full days every week for one member of the team. We’ve spoken with other local business to look at whether they could provide a low carbon delivery service on our behalf, but unless we drastically reduced our delivery area, or start charging, then this isn’t financially viable either - given that we would want to use either pedal power or electric vehicles.  


Which brings me on to the final issue. We’ve made a commitment this year to move towards becoming a carbon neutral business. Our main delivery partner is DPD, a certified carbon neutral company. It makes more sense for us to try to use them more. They are much more flexible that we are able to be and they really do offer a very good service. They also have plans to rapidly grow their fleet of green delivery vehicles too (you can read about that here) and they are even starting to use more electric vehicles for their deliveries in Sheffield. All of this is very much aligned to our own goals for the next few years. 


Obviously, I’m really hoping that those of you that have used our local delivery service will continue to order your beans from us in the future. Single 250g bags are shipped byRoyal Mail 24 for just £1.95 and if you order over 1kg of beans, then delivery by DPD is free. We’ve also managed to reduce our DPD shipping fee to £3.95 for orders less that 1.25kg in weight. 


In fact, for the next few months at least, you’ll also get a free bag of ‘mystery beans’ too with any orders that qualify for free shipping. You can read more about that offer here. We are trying to incentivise those of you that can order a little more coffee, a little less frequently to do so - this help us with our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. 


So, we’ll do our last local delivery run on January 27th. For those of you that have used the local delivery service in the past, we’d like to offer you a free delivery with DPD (regardless of your order size) so that you can experience their service in the hope that you’ll continue to use them for your future orders. If you’re one of those people who have used the free delivery service at any time prior to January 15th 2021, then please let me know by sending over a quick message via the orange icon in the bottom right corner of this page and we’ll get that set up for you. 


Of course, we’ll have collection facilities back up and running as soon as we are able to open to the public down at Cutlery Works too. 


Finally, I want to extend my sincere thanks to those of you that have used this service over the years and I hope we can continue sending you amazing coffee.