December 24, 2016

This is a short blog post to explain recent changes to the Londinium line-up. 

Essentially there are two changes. Firstly, the legendary L1 has now been discontinued and has been replaced by the brand new Londinium R. Secondly, the L1-P has been renamed (but otherwise unchanged) to the Londinium I. 

So, what is the Londinium R and how does it differ from the original L1? 

Thankfully, the Londinium R looks exactly the same as the old L1 from the outside. This is good news as there is no better looking machine out there. However, there are huge changes internally resulting in fundamental differences to how the machine works. This has largely been made possible by the very recent availability of a high quality rotary pump small enough to fit into a machine with this footprint. 

So, we now have a rotary pump instead of the old piston pump. It's much quicker (shifting the same volume of water as the old pump in just a fifth of the time) and significantly quieter too. We also now have a cold fed heat exchanger replacing the open loop thermosiphon arrangement in the old model. 

Perhaps the most significant change though, is the ability to adjust the pre-infusion pressure. Previously, pre-infusion was delivered at boiler pressure only. It's now set at the factory to 3 bar but can be adjusted by the user, either up (as high as 6 bar!) or down to suit different roast styles. It would be hard to overstate the potential improvements in the cup that will come about from this one change alone. 

So now we have a domestic machine that works in a similar way to Londinium commercial machines. Of course it wont be able to meet high demand in the same way but it will be able to produce espresso that's every bit as tasty. 

This new machine has taken two years to develop. It's a natural evolution of a now legendary machine but also a giant leap forward. 2017 is going to the year where home espresso reaches a whole new level. 

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