We're Grateful......

September 25, 2018

We're Grateful......

There’s now only one coupon code that you’ll ever be able to use on our website, and that is one that you’ll only be able to use once. You‘ll get it when you sign up to our email list and it allows you to get 25% off your first or next coffee bean order - good eh? 


As you’re probably aware, we tend not to offer discounts and sales on our coffee and this is because that approach has always struck us as a little weird. At the same time though, we do want to offer our regular customers some sort of reward for repeat purchases because when you’re roasting and selling coffee beans, repeat purchases are really what counts. In fact, this is why we offer such a big discount on your first order - because we know that once you try our beans, you won't be able to stop yourself from placing that next order and then another one after that…… (cue evil maniacal laughter - wahahahahhahahah!). 


Ahem, so we have now launched our brand new loyalty points scheme. Essentially, you earn rewards every single time you buy - and not just on beans either. The more points you save, the more those points are worth - they can end up being worth up to 15% of what you spent! Once you sign in to your account, you can easily access your points dashboard from the widget which lives in the bottom left-hand corner of our homepage (it's called 'The Bean Counter'). From here, you can see how many points you have, redeem any existing points or see ways that you can earn even more points - by recommending us to your friends for example. You don’t have to do anything to add your points, this all happens automatically like magic. 


So, hopefully, that all made sense. No more waiting for sales (although you would have had a very long wait in our case) and no more hunting for discount codes (come on, we all do it - don’t we?) - just solid rewards for your repeat business. Its how we show you how grateful we are for your business - thank you!