• Our coffee shop is open again!!

It's been a very weird few months down at Cutlery Works. We've been roasting throughout the recent lockdown and in that sense things have been continuing more or less as usual - but the whole place has been almost empty throughout. Our pals at Bullion Chocolate have also been manufacturing throughout, so we've each had a floor of the building to ourselves. 

Of course, there have been benefits to this, not least that I have been able to play Sonic Youth records at serious volume levels! - but still, it doesn't quite make up for the fact that there has been a distinctly different vibe down there. The espresso machine has been fired up once a week for a couple of hours and the whole counter has been mothballed. 

After what seems like an age, we're back open again! Woo-hoo! From next week, our trading hours are getting back to something like normal too after a few weeks of running a reduced service, just to make sure we get everything right and keep our staff and guests safe. It feels great to be slinging flat whites again and seeing all the other traders return to what is a fabulous venue. 

If you're local, I hope to see you soon for a brew and a bun. Simple pleasures that just taste that bit sweeter these days.