• Running a bit low...

We're used to things looking a bit emptier than usual eh? 

Still, I just wanted to take a minute and explain a little bit about why we are running low on coffee right now. Three weeks ago, we had 11 different coffees on sale. As of right now, we have 6 - and that includes the brand new Daannissa that we launched last week. 

This isn't really about excuses but you might be interested in the reasons why we're in this situation (maybe you won't - in which case, here is a really funny video of a dog impersonating a fire engine). 

Ok, thanks if you stuck around. First up, bad luck. Having five different coffees run out within three weeks of each other, despite buying them at completely different times in completely different quantities is just bad luck. Not much more I can say about that. 

Second. As a general rule, we try to buy enough coffee to last around three months. Mostly because we like to drink lots of different coffees throughout the year and we're always slightly terrified that we are going to miss something if we don't power through crops at a decent rate! - there are a couple of exceptions (we call these 'regulars' on our site). Rocko Mountain is a regular and our solid Colombians are regulars too. We try to buy enough of these to last a whole year. We always fail of course but we've been getting closer to achieving this every year since 2015! 

Third. This nuisance of a pandemic. As you know, we never closed on the roasting side of things and maybe related to that was a huge increase in demand for our coffee. We were almost doubling our output immediately. I mean, that's great (thanks to you all!)- but it means that our coffee didn't last as long as we were expecting. 

The icing on this particular cake was that our long awaited new crop of Rocko Mountain (due to arrive 2 weeks ago) didn't get through the quality checks when it arrived - so we need to wait for the next container to arrive (early September). 

Anyhow, we are where we are. We still have plenty of coffee in the roastery, including two coffees that are in the latter stages of testing (one of which is 95% likely to get released this week) - the other needs a bit more tweaking but will almost certainly be ready next week. We've got two more new coffees arriving on Wednesday and around 6 more secured and due to land in the UK in the next 2-6 weeks. So fear not, soon enough we will once more be back up to our usual bean levels. 

Oh, and as a reward for reading this, a hot tip. You're probably going to hear about an experimental microlot from Honduras in the next few days. If you do, I strongly recommend you buying some. It's been blowing my mind as espresso these past few days.