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When I drink this coffee, it reminds me of orange chocolate. There's a hint of other fruits too, but they're subtle and overall, it's just a sweet, easy-drinking cup.  

This coffee absolutely shines when brewed in espresso and served in those espresso based milk drinks we all love so much. Some coffee just comes to life when combined with milk, and this is one of them. 

That's not to say it won't pull it's weight when served black though. In filter, expect a clean, solid brew that has a gentle, mellow acidity and a smooth, sweet finish, which reminds us of milk chocolate. 

Origin: Caranavi, Bolivia.

Varietal: Caturra.

Processing: Washed

Roast degree: Medium (

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more). Best as espresso with milk. 

Q Score: 85.5 (what's this?)

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El Arcángel was planted in 2015 and had its first harvest in 2017. One of the things that’s unique about the farm is that the red and yellow caturras were grown separately from the other varieties so that the distinctive qualities of each are preserved and highlighted in each lot.

The farm gets its name from an unusually large and majestic tree that sits at the highest point of the farm appearing to observe the land from on high, resembling the protector archangel. The coffee was planted here in such a way that leads to harmonious growth and harvesting practices. It is felt to be a place of great peace; an oasis that exudes beauty and tranquillity as if watched over by a divine presence.

Caranavi known as the capital of coffee is located in the lush forest of the Yungas region. This is where the famous Death Road follows the Andes Mountains from the dry Altiplano to the lush green forest of the Amazon jungle. All the exportable products from the region have to travel this treacherous road to be processed and exported from La Paz. In the 1950s, the government gave parcels of 10 hectares of tropical land to people and as a consequence, many people moved to Caranavi region and became farmers. This unique region has two climates and is home to the most fertile soil and consequently where the majority of coffee in Bolivia is produced nowadays. 

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely, rich fruity flavour

Really enjoyed this for our espresso machine. Very rich flavour but not too heavy. Goes well black or with milk. Good for a bit of change to the standard beans we get.

thanks for taking the time to leave a review, we all really appreciate it and it's good to hear you're enjoying the beans!

Disappointing, but still nice

I was expecting good things from this offering - Foundry haven’t let me down yet when it comes to flavour - however I definitely didn’t get a coffee which explodes with huge chocolate, orange and stone fruit notes! Don’t get me wrong, it was a better than average bean with nice milk chocolate notes, but nothing orangey at all. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if they sent the right bean! Shame, but still a nice brew.

Flat white, 18g in, 36g out. Rested for 2 weeks.

Hey Ed - sorry to hear you weren't blown away with this coffee, that's a real shame. I hope the next one suits you better!


Not much else to add to the other reviews posted already, but this coffee is fantastic. Brewing with the Kalita I'm getting massive strawberry notes alongside the creamy chocolate finish, probably the best coffee I've had from Foundry, and I've had a few!

Thanks James, really glad to hear you are liking the coffee!:)


Arcangel - Bolivia

My new favourite

What an amazing bean, floral, fruity and chocolaty. Gorgeously bright as espresso but I'm mostly having it with milk as a flat white. It tastes like a really rich bar of fruit laden dark chocolate. Highly recommended.

Thanks Jon, glad to hear you are enjoying the Arcangel. It is spectacular coffee, thats for sure!