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'We love this coffee for its notes of crisp red apples, praline and sumptuous craft chocolate'. A really wonderful example of a delicious Costa Rican coffee that is already proving to be a team favourite.'

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The Costa Rican harvest is always one that we get particularly excited about. Known for exacting standards around picking and processing, this origin rarely disappoints. This coffee has proved a huge hit in our coffee shop, particularly as espresso, either with or without the addition of milk. Complex, fruity and bold, this coffee is a really great all rounder and you'll enjoy it however you like to brew your coffee.

Origin:  Los Robles de Naranjo

Varietals: Mixed

Processing: Natural

Roast degree: 132 (

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more)

Q Score: 85.5 (what's this?)

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This coffee hails from a consortium of producers situated in Los Robles de Naranjo, where their farms stretch across altitudes ranging from 1300 to 1750 meters above sea level.

The legacy of these coffee farms traces back to 1968, when these producers initially associated with the cooperative. Today, these farms are managed by the third and fourth generations, who have continued to uphold their ancestors' commitment to cultivating top-quality coffee.

Their latest batch has been named 'Perezoso Natural.' The sloth, or 'perezoso,' is one of Costa Rica's most iconic and beloved creatures, known globally for its slow, tranquil behaviour and its ability to hang from tree branches. It's these unique attributes of the sloth that has inspired the naming of this particular lot.

In terms of manpower, every farm typically employs three individuals for agronomic maintenance. However, this number swells to between 15 and 20 during harvest periods. The average size of these farms is about eight hectares.

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