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'It's always a pleasure to bring you coffee like this. Simple, delicious and absolutely perfect espresso, especially when you add milk'

This is the last of our Peru lots from this year's crop.  I can't actually remember the last time I enjoyed a 'comfort' espresso as much as this. It's perfectly balanced, simple, delicious coffee. In the cup, you'll find huge chocolate notes, with a deep, sumptuous dark sweetness,  like you get with muscovado sugar. 

There are hints of cherries and plums in there too which round out the sticky yumminess by adding just a touch of zing. We're loving this coffee in our coffee shop - especially as espresso with added milk, could this be the perfect flat white?

When brewing as filter coffee, we get more complexity and a lightness which makes for an easy drinking, refreshing and moreish brew. 

Origin:  Jaen, Cajamarca - Peru. 

Varietals: Mixed Varietals.

Processing: Washed

Roast degree: 128 (

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more). Shines in espresso.

Q Score: 86 (what's this?)

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This lot is a blend of coffees from various smallholder producers across the Jaen Cajamarca region. The average farm size amongst these producers is 1.5 hectares, with the main varieties grown being caturra, catimor and bourbon. Most of these producers dry their coffee on plastic mats on the ground, much like patio drying. Coffees were purposefully selected and blended together based on tasting notes typical of the Cajamarca region.

All component lots come from high altitude areas and the early harvest, processed and dried by the producers on their farms. Most smallholder farmers in northern Peru have their own hand pulpers and fermentation tanks to process coffee before patio or raised bed drying. Once processed, the parchment coffee is delivered to our Jaen warehouse where it is graded, moisture tested, roasted and cupped.

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Jaen - Peru

Disappointing, at least that was my experience. Maybe it was specific to the bean/roast, but the coffee I received seemed old/dry. I needed to dose much higher and there was no time for preinfusion with my lever machine, it immediately poured straight through (despite the higher dose). If I pulled a shot straight away, I could get it to taste okay, but most shots were misfires.

Hey Richard, sorry to hear you struggled with your coffee. I'll send you a message privately - it would be good to know more about your experience.