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A hug in a mug may be a cliche, but it's also a great way to describe this coffee! For us, this is the epitome of what we call 'comfort' coffee. We're talking about big body, smooth milk chocolate notes, hints of macadamia and silky caramel. This is easy-drinking, easy to brew and utterly delicious. Everyone needs some coffee like this in the cupboard, it's a total crowd pleaser. Enjoy. 

Origin:  La Guadalupana, Dipilto, Nicaragua

Varietals: Catuai and Caturra

Processing: Washed

Roast degree: Medium (

Q Score: 86.25 (what's this?)

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Want to know more about this coffee? Read on......

Martha Nubia Zelaya bought La Guadalupana farm back in 2015. The farm, located in Dipilto, runs over 13 manzanas (about 9 hectares) and the catuai and catimor trees grow under shade of local trees like guava trees and ‘bucaros’ (purple coraltrees).

Once the cherries are harvested by the pickers, they are processed in the farm (washed process) and the wet parchment is taken to Cafetos de Segovia in Ocotal. Cafetos de Segovia is a dry mill located in Ocotal and surrounded by coffee land, making it easy for producers to deliver the wet parchment the same day as they harvest and process it. In 2015, a local producer family realised that the prices paid for coffee cherries in the region were too low and that they could produce high-quality coffee on their own farm. They decided to create a dry mill to add value to their product, and that mill is now run by sisters Martha and Ana, along with their team.  

Up to 30 people work at the mill during the season. Most of the coffee is delivered as wet parchment or cherries and 80% of the lots are washed. The drying is usually started on a patio, in the shade for 5-6 days and then in full sun. All patios are covered with black net so that the coffee is not laid directly on the floor. Shade drying is necessary as the sun hits hard at this lower altitude (less than 900masl).

Cafetos de Segovia submits lots to the national Cup of Excellence every year, and always ranks highly.

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Rebecca C
Another Delicious Coffee from Foundry

I thought I'd give this one a go and wasn't expecting so much as it's a little less expensive than some others - however I was pleasantly surprised! Another lovely, very drinkable coffee which I really enjoyed and will order again.

Thanks Rebecca, I know! - just goes to show that there are lower cost, yet still delicious coffees out there.