Ndundu Peaberry - Kenya

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Ah, the Kenyan peaberry. Always a highlight in the coffee calendar and this one is a delight. These tiny beans, which are meticulously collected at origin are packing a huge amount of flavour. In the cup, you can expect a pleasingly tart raspberry acidity which is beautifully balanced by a blackcurrant jam-like sweet, sticky body. The result is a sumptuous, well balanced coffee that is both juicy and zingy in equal measure. However you like to brew, I can guarantee that you won't be able to get enough of this fabulous coffee. 

Origin:  Ndundu Factory, Gatundu, Kiambu County

Varietals: SL28 and SL34

Processing: Washed

Q Score: 87 (what's this?)

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"The vast majority of the coffee bought and sold in Kenya is traded through the national auction system, where marketing agents enter cooperatives' and estates’ coffee and traders come to bid. The main buyers from this auction system are large multinationals, who then offer the lots to importers and roasters. Unfortunately, this has been the only way to purchase Kenyan coffee for a long time and we’ve become frustrated with the lack of transparency, poor service and price volatility.

In the last couple of years our importer has started buying directly from the auction using a local Kenyan company, who bid on the coffee on their behalf, after they have cupped through auction samples filtered by a local cupper. This was not only a conscious decision to support local, Kenyan businesses, but also to make the supply chain more efficient.

Ndundu is part of the Thiririka FCS and we are happy to have coffees from this factory because they are consistently producing outstanding and very reliable coffees.

The affiliate members of the co-op are required to be extremely diligent to carry out all agronomic activities associated with high quality coffee production, including sourcing coffee seeds from the Coffee Research Institute’s Coffee Research Station.

Planting and cultivating is implemented according to the guidelines submitted by the group leaders and technical advisors. Fieldwork involves weeding, pruning, application of fertiliser, mulching and technical advice. Technical advice is offered through farmer training programs and field visits offered by the ministry of agriculture.

Best practices are checked and supervised by the field committee, who visit farms in the area and check that coffee is not inter-cropped with maize and beans, though they do allow inter-cropping with Macadamia. They also encourage farmers who have abandoned their coffee production to return to production and access better prices for their crops.

As for the rest of the coop in the Ndundu factory all coffee cherries are handpicked and are delivered to the mill the same day, where they will get rigourously sorted through floatation tanks, whilst factory employees oversee the process and any under ripe or damaged cherries will not be accepted by the "Cherry Clerk", who keeps meticulous records of how much coffee each producer delivers on any given day and thus how much payment is due once the coffee has been sold."

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Blackcurrent tone

The perfect blend

My current favourite - has a smooth fruity flavour


Sweet and delicious and exceeded my expectations! Thankyou foundry. :)

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