Rianjangi Peaberry - Kenya

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Ah, this coffee - wow. We're currently enjoying very intense orange, plum and honey notes with a dark brown sugar finish which coats the mouth and lingers for ages! This is multi-dimensional coffee, a real treat for the taste buds.

Origin:   Embu, Central Kenya.

Farm:  Rianjangi Farmers Co-operative Society (1500 members).

Varietal:  SL28/SL34

Processing: Washed and sun-dried. 


We're so happy to be able to bring you this truly wonderful coffee, our first from the 2018 crop. It's the first time that we have roasted a Peaberry and so we were a little daunted at the prospect as the beans are really quite different, much smaller and more dense than we're used to. 

However, it's a real pleasure to tell you that we're super proud of how this has turned out. This coffee is just blowing us away every time we brew it. Intense and complex with incredibly juicy body. There is just so much going on with this coffee and you can really zoom in to different flavours depending on how you approach the brewing. We're currently enjoying very intense orange, plum and honey notes with a dark brown sugar finish which coats the mouth and lingers for ages! This is multi-dimensional coffee, a real treat for the taste buds. 

More info about his coffee........

Farmers in Rianjagi planted their first coffee trees in 1950. Smallholdings or ‘shambas’ as they are known are typically small – perhaps half to one hectare in size. Coffee is grown as a cash crop and typically each farm only has around 200 trees – enough to produce about 3 sacks of coffee. Other crops are grown for family use; potatoes, mangos, avocadoes, cabbages and beans and there are usually a few cows reared for milk and several chickens for eggs and meat.

The high altitude of the region along with deep and rich volcanic soils bring about the famous high acid and deeply complex coffees that makes Kenyan coffees amongst the best in the world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great coffee as always

Foundry only do great coffee so you know it's going to be good, this is lovely as a black americano, a new favourite I think.

Thanks Steven,. glad you are enjoying the Peaberry!
First Order with Foundry - I’ll be back!

Great coffee, first peaberry I’ve had and certainly not disappointed, gone down very well indeed. Orange notes very prevalent and delicious in a short milk drink such as a cortado.

Thanks Tom, this is definitely a team favourite too! :)
Great Kenyan

This is a lovely Kenyan, the orange acidity makes it like a chocolate orange but a chocolate orange that has been on the Cointreau and got a bit rowdy. Once the orange has faded your a left with a really lovely smooth sweet aftertaste. This for me is a great breakfast coffee!

Great review Chris! a rowdy chocolate orange, perfect description :)

Wow, what can I say, the flavour profile is awesome. It's acidity has quite a bite that is really vibrant and refreshing.
It might seem a waste to some, but I just love these fruity ones in an iced coffee. Two spoons of this in the aeropress with maybe 20ml of water, pressed onto ice, poured into an ice filled glass. Wow!
Thanks guys!!!

Thanks Joseph! - great to hear you are enjoying the coffee and thanks a lot for taking the time to leave a review. :)
Lovely so far!

Just had my 1st taste of this in a flat white after resting for a week. 18g -> 40g in 40s. Really nice and fruity, now going to tweak the recipe to see if I can get any more out of it!

Good luck Steven, we find that we get good stuff from all over the place with this coffee, its a hard one to mess up in a lot of ways, so much complexity! - thanks for taking the time to leave a review, we really appreciate it. :)

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