Rio Magdalena - Colombia

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We're not talking about fruitiness or huge complexity with this coffee - and the acidity is tame - but where it really delivers is in the smooth, buttery body and the huge sweetness coming from those chocolate and caramel notes.

Origin:  Oporapa, Huila. 

Farmer: Edward Rojas Claros & Arley Rojas Chavarro

Varietals: F6, Castillo

Processing: Washed 

This coffee has been sourced for us by our friends at Falcon Speciality. The coffee is grown on two separate farms by two farmers who are keen to improve the quality of the coffee that they produce.


We always aim to have at least one coffee in our offering that is just like this one. It's super solid and incredibly easy to work with.  There are subtle orange and raisin hints but its the big, smooth, sweet flavours that dominate. We've been serving this in the coffee shop for a few weeks now and it may well be the most well received coffee we've ever had! In fact, we'd defy anyone to drink this coffee without smiling. 


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Thanks Julie! :)

Rio Magdalena - Colombia


Nicest coffee I've tried so far, for my tastes anyway.

Great to hear you're enjoying the coffee Nick and yours is the only taste that matters, right!! :) Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, I really appreciate it.
Coffee Flavoured Coffee

Those of you who know foundry well will be aware that they often have some truly amazing flavours. Cherry cola, raspberry, Cointreau to name a few. This is finally a coffee with classic flavours that tastes of 'coffee'. Well done Lee! A surprise. Coffee! It is all the things that this coffee does not but could have tasted of which makes it so deliciously moorish. There is a wonderful big creamy nutty dark chocolate flavour with the slightest dash of acidity. What more do you really need? I think it is pretty easy to get good results from espresso and it is brilliant with milk. Might lack complexity as a filter but I have not tried it.
Full marks. Just don't stop importing this one.

Thank you Richard, so glad this one is hitting the spot for you. I'm always amazed at just what a big solid chocolate hit I get off of this coffee and it has to be the most comforting comfort coffee we've ever had. :)
Great Beans

As the old advert used to say "everyone's a fruit and nutcase..." and that applies to these beans. Brewed via the V60 it reminds me of a Cadburys fruit and nut bar. You get a lovely smooth milk chocolatey taste with a lovery raisin finish. As the drink cools you also get that hint of caramel sweetness. Yet another great bean roasted experty by Foundry (to be honest, never really had a dud one) that hits all the smooooooth taste notes. 10/10 again!!

Thanks so much Chris, really glad you're enjoying the beans and appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Great tasting notes too, fruit and nut bar, now why didn't we think of that!

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