Rio Magdalena - Colombia

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We're not talking about fruitiness or huge complexity with this coffee - and the acidity is tame - but where it really delivers is in the smooth, buttery body and the huge sweetness coming from those chocolate and caramel notes.

Origin:  Oporapa, Huila. 

Farmer: Edward Rojas Claros & Arley Rojas Chavarro

Varietals: F6, Castillo

Processing: Washed 

This coffee has been sourced for us by our friends at Falcon Speciality. The coffee is grown on two separate farms by two farmers who are keen to improve the quality of the coffee that they produce.


We always aim to have at least one coffee in our offering that is just like this one. It's super solid and incredibly easy to work with.  There are subtle orange and raisin hints but its the big, smooth, sweet flavours that dominate. We've been serving this in the coffee shop for a few weeks now and it may well be the most well received coffee we've ever had! In fact, we'd defy anyone to drink this coffee without smiling. 


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Rio Magdalena - Colombia


First order from Foundry Coffee roasters. This was a great tasting coffee with good strength. Five stars from the whole family and they are a fussy lot!!
Have just put another order in!


This is a very good coffee - drinking it as a flat white and it is buttery smooth as described with a nice chocolate note. Second time ordering and I will be getting a bag each time I order. This true comfort coffee.

Absolutely superb

Having tried a lot of beans (with chocolate as the primary note) over the last decade, I have a new favouite. Also very nice as a flat white.

Coffee that tastes of coffee!

I'm not a huge fan of the citrus coffees, if I want citrus I'll have a fruit tea! This coffee I love, it tastes like coffee; sweet, caramel, chocolate. 250g gone in 3 days, addicted.

Thanks Stephanie, the Rio has picked up so many fans this year! - appreciate you taking the time to leave a review :)

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