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Welcome to Foundry Coffee Club, our new coffee subscription service.

Getting exciting coffee regularly and in a super-convenient way has been a challenge we've been keen to rise to. We are proud that our subscriptions are all fully manageable by you, the customer. Just log in to your account and you can re-arrange deliveries, skip months, change dates and even cancel with just a couple of clicks. We've designed the whole thing to be super convenient and easy to manage from the start. The  monthly price includes next day delivery by DPD. You'll notice that subscriptions also offer a saving on regular coffee prices. 

Each month, we will send you 1kg of that months featured coffee. It'll always be different from previous offerings. 1kg should be ideal for the home espresso drinker who has one or two shots a day or for those who drink less coffee at home during the week but tend to hit the machine at the weekend. For filter drinkers, you should be good for a couple of brews a day on this plan. Remember, if you've got too much coffee, you can always pause your subscription for a month!

You'll get an exclusive email a week or so before we send the coffee out each month which will give you details of the coffee itself as well as brew guides etc. You'll also be the first to know about upcoming special offers and events as well as receiving unique offers for club members only. 

Please be aware that we only sell whole beans!


Customer Reviews

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A different bag every month. Always a pleasure and lovely complex coffees begging for multiple brew methods!

Perfect amount for a couple of shots a day - cracking beans every month

I've had this subscription for around 5 months now, it's long past time that I share my thoughts.

BEANS - Before this subscription, when I ran out of beans I would visit various cafes, first of all looking for good beans and then trying to find one that wasn't roasted a month ago... This coffee is shipped on the day or the day after roasting, making it as fresh as can be. It's consistently a high standard and the flavour/regions/profiles vary month to month, which is awesome.

SUBSCRIPTION - Buying in larger quantities has its advantages, I pay less for my coffee overall and never worry about running out. The subscription is very flexible, you get an email a day or two before it's due, and you can then change the date to suit you or leave it, no sneakily charging you here. As mentioned in the title, I had around two flat whites per day, making the 1kg option perfect, if usage ever changes with having family over ect, I can always bring the next shipment date forward, job done.

POSTAGE - The shipping is DPD 24hr which is great, it's tracked and you can leave instructions for the parcel to be left wherever. In the past, I have often come home to see the dreaded "Sorry we missed you" card and I would have to take time to go into the post office to collect my package, then do it all again next week. None of that with DPD.

Stellar product, great job.

Many thanks Tom, we really appreciate you taking the time out to leave a review for us. It's great to hear that the subscription is working out for you, we were determined to find a solution that would help our customers to stay in control of their coffee supply. Thanks for buying our coffee!
Beautiful blend

I tend to have my coffee filtered or espresso, this coffee suits both styles. As a filter the fruity taste hits first but as you sip you get the gentle tones of toffee and a rather pleasant aftertaste, it’s not acidic so great at any time. As an espresso it mixes well with the milk in a latte or cappuccino, it feels a little more nutty but the milk doesn’t overpower what is a great coffee.

Glad you're enjoying the coffee Sarah! - and thanks for leaving a review for us, we really appreciate it. :)

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