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 'I love coffee like this. Solid, sweet and dependable. I get delicious honeycomb sweetness and a pleasing red grape acidity. Gentle, subdued fruit notes in the background too, like a juicy peach.'

This coffee is your new 'go-to'. Simple and delicious. No drama, just solid, sweet and supremely well balanced. It won't let you down however you brew. A replacement for our best seller from last year, Planadas Organic, I'm pleased to tell you that this coffee is more than capable of filling those shoes. 

In espresso, the acidity will become more pronounced but it is well balanced with a honeycomb sweetness. Add milk, and it makes for a delightfully light and refreshing flat white. In other brew methods, the acidity will take more of a back seat and you'll appreciate this well balanced, sweet and delicious coffee however you like to brew. 

TIP: If you like a more developed roast, we also use this coffee in our No.9 Roast (here). 

Origin:  Gaitania Farm, Planadas Municipality, Tolima

Varietals: Caturra and Typica

Processing: Washed

Roast colour: 129 (

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more)

Q Score: 84 (what's this?)

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Gaitania is a village located in the Planadas municipality in the department of Tolima. Planadas has a story that contributed to the charm of their people and of the department itself. It was a region in which political prisoners were sheltered from the Liberal party. Over time both parties, Liberales and Conservadores, established a good relationship consequently leading to the famous kindness of people from Planadas to be well-known throughout the country.

This coffee is produced by the indigenous community “Nasa Wesx” of Gaitania. The Nasa Wesx live in different indigenous territories in Cauca, Huila, and Tolima.

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Customer Reviews

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Just couldn't get any consistency with this coffee. The difference in extract from one cup to another was huge this was the same for Aponte-columbian again unbelievably inconsistent. Really poor for both. I switched to another coffee from a different vendor and everything was back to normal with good consistent extracts so not sure if I just got a really bad batch. Not be buying any of these again. It was a waste of 1kg of coffee.

Hey Darren - really sorry to hear you've had difficulty with your coffee, that sucks. I'll drop you an email and see if we can find out more about what's gone wrong.


Gaitania - Colombia