Coffee Classes.

Do you want to learn more about speciality coffee? Would you like to learn how to do latte art? Do you want to up your brewing game at home? We are delighted to announce that our coffee courses are now up and running in our cafe in central Sheffield. 

We offer a range of courses tailored to suit anyone from the absolute beginner to the more experienced brewer. Our aim is to help you to develop your own skills and knowledge, enabling you to make better coffee at home. Our courses are friendly, supportive and open to anyone. They're also limited to 6 people at a time which enables us to give you more intensive support where needed. 

So, here is a basic overview of each course we currently offer. Just click here to see what's available or to book onto a class. 


Brewing Coffee at Home. 

brewing at home


This course lasts for two hours in total. We spend some time looking at coffee as an ingredient, considering different coffee plant varietals, origins and processing methods and how these factors influence the flavours we experience in our cup. 

The session then moves on to looking at brew methods and equipment that can be used at home and how we might go about getting the best results from these. We do this by helping you to develop an understanding of basic coffee brewing theory and how this can be practically applied to your home setup.

A practical session follows which enables all participants to gain hands-on experience of brewing coffee with guidance on hand from our team;  we aim to ensure that everyone leaves feeling confident that they will be drinking better coffee at home. 






This course also lasts two hours and whilst it covers much of the same brewing theory that we cover in the course above, it is tailored specifically for those using espresso machines either at home or whilst working as a coffee professional. 

We discuss the espresso machine and grinder and through understanding some key differences in how different machinery works we consider how we can make the most of whatever equipment we have access to at home. Shot preparation, brew ratios and recipe development will be explained in detail and participants will be shown how they can use simple techniques to implement what they have learned to refine and improve results. 

Brewing espresso is far from easy but the good news is that we can equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools to ensure that you will leave with a clear understanding of how you can start to make better coffee at home.



Latte Art 


Our latte art courses are offered to individuals on a fully bespoke basis. We charge £80 +VAT per hour for 1:1 training which covers texturing milk and drawing latte art. Whether you are already a coffee professional wanting to improve or a home enthusiast, you can learn from our own latte art pro, Joey (check out his Instagram page here to see some of his work). Just contact us if you would like to book a session and we'll find a date that works for you. 


Our classes run on a rolling basis so don’t worry if your preferred date is not available, we’ll be announcing new ones regularly. 

If you'd like to buy someone you love a place on one of our classes but you're not sure which one, why not get them a gift card, which they can spend on any of our products. You can find those here.


As always, you can contact us if you would like us to develop a bespoke training package for yourself or your team either using our own equipment or on your own premises.