Welcome to the Foundry Coffee Roasters Cafe

44 Bank Street, S1 2DS.


Opening Times: 

Monday - Friday     08:00 - 16:00

Saturday                 10:00 - 15:00

Sunday                             Closed



We opened in January 2017 on Bank Street in central Sheffield. We're best known for sourcing and roasting coffee beans, which we have been doing in Nether Edge since 2012. The cafe is our attempt to show our coffee in a great environment using high quality equipment and highly trained team members. We are focussed on service with the aim of ensuring that our guests leave us happier than when they arrived. 




We could talk about coffee all day but you'd probably be better off checking out our blog for that. In addition to coffee, we have partnered with Birdhouse Tea Company (check them out here!) to bring you the finest artisan blended teas. These guys are our neighbours in Nether Edge and they have created some really beautiful teas. You can also get our beans and lots of other wonderful things from their beautiful shop on Nether Edge Road.  



We also stock Kokoa Collection chocolate. It's high quality, single origin chocolate which delivers the most delicious drinking chocolate experience. We offer four choices, from Ivory Coast White Chocolate to 75% cocoa chocolate from Haiti. 



We make our very own rose and mango lassi which is made to a family recipe and is the perfect drink for when you just need that burst of energy in the afternoon. Seasonal drinks are introduced from time to time too, just keep an eye out on social media for the latest. 




We approach food in the same way that we do coffee. It's all about good ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible. We specialise in cafe classics done well. Toasties, soups and salads will always form the centre of the menu along with delicious cakes and pastries but we also bring in some authentic Bengali family recipes which helps us to offer something unique. We always have vegetarian and vegan options available.  Check out our current food menu here



Corporate Hospitality and Catering

We offer a complete coffee service and more for your business. Why not let your boss know that we have a range of options for entertaining clients or rewarding the team.  We can provide catered meeting spaces or we can bring the food and drink to you. We can even install and maintain coffee making equipment into your workspace so give us a shout if you think we can help you out. 



Coffee Classes 

We now offer a range of coffee courses, which are held in our cafe space. You can find out which classes we are currently offering here.


Contact Us


The easiest way is to use the button that is shown on the bottom right corner of all our webpages. We aim to respond to messages quickly during normal working hours. Alternatively, you can email or catch us on social media using the icons on the top right of each page. Even better, come and see us on Bank Street. We'll look forward to your visit.