Sensoria 2018....what's brewing?

So, you picked up a mysterious little white bag full of coffee beans and then you thought you'd better scan the QR code before proceeding any further right? 

Well, we're really glad you did - and we're really happy to be sharing our beans with you in support of the wonderful Sensoria. In case you were wondering, you can find out more about the beans that we have given you here

You'll find enough beans in your little bag to make a couple of brews with a V60 or an Aeropress or you might want to grind them a bit more coarsely and add half a litre of water to them in a cafetière which should make enough coffee for a couple of mugs. Feel free to swing by our little coffee shop at 44 Bank Street, S1 4DS if you'd like us to grind them for you - we kept the beans whole so that they stay fresh for you. 

You'll probably love the beans and be desperate to know how you can get your hands on more but we're here to celebrate Sensoria, not try to sell you stuff so hopefully our paths will cross again but if not, enjoy your brew with our best wishes and have a great time in Sheffield. 

Love, the Foundry team. 

Lee, Bidisha, Vilma and Courtney. x