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Based on 129 reviews
Great beans

Just started these and the espresso I'm getting is up there with the best I've had .lelit Mara using eureka zenith grinder

Say What!

The first time through the Wave and I was thinking "sure - strawberries - whatever". POW - right in the kisser: strawberries. What an amazing coffee. Has knocked my old favourite (from a different supplier) off the top spot. And its roasted in Sheffield. Your new biggest fan.

Absolutely superb

Having tried a lot of beans (with chocolate as the primary note) over the last decade, I have a new favouite. Also very nice as a flat white.

Rocko Mountain

Really good-my new favourite coffee

Nely Suyapa Orellana - Honduras
Awesome as ever!!

Usually get the Rocco Mountain, just shows that I should diversify. Excellent coffee!


Very strong but full flavoured. Not bitter and natural flavours coming through. I’m a double shot man but this I could easily drink with a single shot and still get the coffee hit I like.


One star off just because I was hoping for a "blueberry bomb", which this is not.
It works well and is easy to dial in as both espresso and filter, lovely complex fruit-forward flavours.

Rocko Mountain - Ethiopia

Mr. X

Great Service Magnificent Coffee beans

A fruity undertone from Rocko

Another great roast from the foundry, strawberry undertone. Will be buying again.

Excellent Yirgacheffe

Yirgacheffe's are my favourite coffees and this is one of the very best.

Brewed in the Aeropress, tasted too soon (as always!) and thought "Meh!". But leave it for a couple of mins to cool slightly and it becomes fragrant and the flavours open out and are nicely complex. Wonderful rounded mouthfeel and long aftertaste. Great coffee, very well roasted.

Thank you Peter for your very kind words, it really does mean a lot to us! :)
Truly excellent

This is just so good. I just spent a month in LA looking for decent coffee and I couldn't find anything that compared to Foundry's offering!

That's good to hear Jake, thanks a lot! :)

Bloody expensive

Great coffee!!!!

Hits the spot everytime.

I've tried MANY roasters in my time but FCR are briiliant and reliable.

Thanks Paul, we all really appreciate that! :)
Joy to the (coffee) World

Ordered, delivered, drunk. Need some more. Love this rich coffee. Service is fantastic and freshness guaranteed. Buy some!!

Many thanks Stephanie! :)
Coffee that tastes of coffee!

I'm not a huge fan of the citrus coffees, if I want citrus I'll have a fruit tea! This coffee I love, it tastes like coffee; sweet, caramel, chocolate. 250g gone in 3 days, addicted.

Thanks Stephanie, the Rio has picked up so many fans this year! - appreciate you taking the time to leave a review :)
So good.

I admit I was initially disappointed to open my subscription and find these beans, not one I would have picked from the tasting notes. How wrong was I! Amazing. It tastes a bit like black tea, but in a really good way.

thanks josh, yep - this is probably my current favourite in the line-up - just stunning coffee. :)
Total satisfaction

Great service and great beans. Happiness is complete. Thanks.

Thanks Anthony! - we really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. :)
Kayon Mountan

This one and the Nana, I purchased at the same time. Turns out to be the best two Ethiopians I've had. Full of flavour andwith no hint of bitterness. You won't go wrong with these.

Thanks Ian, we really appreciate you leaving a review and it's great to hear you are enjoying our beans! :)

Great coffee. Not my fav so far and I ordered two large packs. Lol. I buy based on the flavour description notes which are (in my limited experience) usually bang on what you can taste in it.

Different But Still Good

My first espresso with this bean was a surprise. The booziness, full on strawberries and funk from previous years Rocko isn't there. Once I got my head around this I really enjoyed the coffee.

Dark chocolate orange with a great mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste. Stunning coffee !

Keep Cup Original 6oz
Love, love, love these cups!

These cups are just the right size for your grab and go fix. The coffee stays warm for a bit depending on where you are obviously and they are small enough to not be in the way when empty. Holds an espresso with extra water (whatever that’’s called, not as big as an Americano) or a Cortado. Colours are fab too, had many an admiring glance. I would definately recommend to anyone who doesn’t drink a vat of coffee at a time :)

Great coffee

Brother really liked it and he's fussy with coffee

Quality will out,

As a Londinium owner, I have traditionally gone for "air roasted" coffee, but when Reiss left the country, this became less straight forward, it is difficult to find. I settled for Allpress, their roasts are excellent, unfortunately their beans are not.

So far everything from Foundry has been top class, clearly Lee starts with a great bean, which is always a good place to begin. :)

Red de Mujeres - Guatemala

Excellent in aeropress and cafetière