Altos de Erapuca - Honduras

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Origin:  Copan Region

Farm: Carlos Efrain Paz Sevilla 

Varietals: Red Catuai

Processing: Washed (certified organic) 


Coffee from Honduras is a first for us and we're excited to bring you this coffee, which is a little different to the rest of the coffee in our offering. We were drawn to the heavy, earthiness of this lot. It is much less usual to find this varietal in Honduras as most farmers grow the less tasty Cattimore, which is more disease resistant but lacks the complexity of Catuai. 

In the cup, it is both bold and yet well balanced and has really interesting apricot, orange and brown sugar flavours which make for single origin espresso that cuts through milk really well. When brewing manually, there is surprisingly complexity, muted acidity and a really dark sweetness that is pretty addictive. 

In espresso, we are generally pulling 30g from a 15g dose in around 42 seconds (including a six second pre-infusion on the spring lever). We were using a 15g VST basket and conical burrs.

In filter, it's easy to brew in the Aeropress using our usual recipe and a 15g dose for some sticky brown sugar yumminess!

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