Arcangel - Bolivia


Remember this one from last year? It was a definite highlight of the season and this year's crop is just as good. In the cup, you can expect luscious dark chocolate creaminess with delicious nougat and fig notes. Just like last year's coffee, this is exceptional. 

Origin:   Bolinda, Caranavi, Bolivia 

Farm:  Finca El Arcangel, owned by the Rodriguez family. 

Varietal:  Red Caturra

Processing: Natural. 

It's really great to see a coffee return to our collection. Especially as this is a really new farm - guess it wasn't beginners luck last year! Seriously though, it's clear to us that there has been some serious attention to detail in the growing and processing of this coffee, which has led to a superbly clean, balanced and refined natural. 
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More info about his coffee........

The Bolivian coffee harvest runs from April (below 1,000 masl) to October (up to 2,000 masl). In 2006 the country exported 85,000 bags of green coffee. The coffee rust hit the region very hard after that and the production dropped to 20,000 in 2017. The increase in coca production also led to a decrease in coffee production. Indeed, as soon as the coca production became legal in some areas of Bolivia, many farmers switched coffee production to coca production which is more profitable (5 harvests a year with big profit).

Caranavi (known as the capital of coffee) is located in the lush forest of the Yungas region. This is where the famous Death Road follows the Andes Mountains from the dry Altiplano to the lush green forest of the Amazon jungle. This unique region has two climates and is home to the most fertile soil and consequently where the majority of coffee in Bolivia is produced nowadays. All the coffee has to travel this treacherous road to be processed and exported from La Paz.

Finca El Arcangel is a 10-hectare farm owned by the Rodriquez family and is located in the Bolinda community, just outside of the town of Caranavi. Arcangel is mostly planted with Caturra, with some Bourbon and Typica too, and sits at 1650masl. Having been planted in 2015, Arcangel is a very new farm and these lots are some of the first they have produced. The farm is surrounded by native forest and some of the native tree species are used as shade trees on the farm.

Since there is no wet mill at the farm, the cherries are taken to the Buena Vista mill in Caranavi, where they are processed and dried. The climate in Caranavi is very humid and is prone to long periods of rain, so the mill has started using mechanical air driers, which are temperature controlled boxes which use warm air to dry the coffee over a number of days. This drying method is very gentle and allows the mill to control it throughout, which includes turning them off during the night to rest the coffee, in order to replicate natural sun drying. All of the coffee is pre-dried on raised beds for 3 days, which allows the moisture content to equalise and to control the fermentation in the case of naturals.

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Customer Reviews

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Really loving this coffee

Whats not to like? Juicy, complex, dark (but not too dark), Goes well in everything (spro, filter and milk for me). A genuine crowd pleaser, and regularly puts a smile on my face (its doing so as I type!). Will be ordering more.


So fruity

A satisfied customer

I've been getting beans from Foundry for some time and they never let me down in quality of the coffee, speed of delivery and customer service. The Arcangel works great for espresso and I'm getting nice thick ristrettos with strong juicy "coffeeness" and this amaretto aftertaste I like a lot.

Delicious and fruity

Gorgeous coffee, lovely fruity notes.


This is a delicious coffee with its fruity dark chocolate notes. Smells amazing and my work colleagues say so too. Goes really well with honeyed dark chocolate : )

Or you could try......