Bella Vista - Colombia

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Origin: La Dorada Y Potrerito Farm - Totoro, Cauca

Farmed by: The Cometa family

Varietals: Castillo

Processing: Washed


The Cometa family have been living on this 11 hectare farm since 1998 and during that time they have been able to significantly improve the quality of the coffee that they produce. We have sourced this coffee to appeal to those of you with more traditional tastes or for those that just really fancy a hug from their mug! You can expect to find notes of chocolate, malt and caramel with just a hint of citrus in the acidity. With milk, it's like maltesers. Easy to drink and gently complex, this is perfect winter time coffee. 


Recipe starting points. 

For Aeropress: 14.5g Coffee brewed at 97 degrees, water added to make a total beverage weight of 240g.These parameters should be used in conjunction with our Aeropress method, detailed here

In espresso: 17.5g dose in a 18g VST basket. Yield is 34g in around 32 seconds on the conical burrs. 

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