Chelbesa - Ethiopia

There aren't many things that get Team Foundry as excited as a new coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Famed for stunning natural processed coffee - we were absolutely blown away when this washed lot turned up on our cupping table this summer. 

In the cup, you can expect a beautifully complex coffee. It has an atypical full body and a silky creamy mouthfeel. There are stunning lychee, melon and apricot notes and a hint of citrus too which sits alongside those subtle floral and black tea flavours that you might expect in high quality Ethiopian coffee. However you like to brew, this one is special - you're going to love it. 

Origin:  Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.

Varietals: Wolisho and Dega

Processing: Washed - Certified Organic. 

Q Score: 89.5 (what's this?)

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Want to know more about this coffee? Read on......

Located in Gedeo zone of the Gedeb district, Worka Chelbesa is one of the finest coffee producing areas within the famous Gedeb Woreda. Known for its dense layered semi-forest vegetation structure encompassing false banana trees as well as shade grown coffee trees, Chelbesa is a great example of best coffee growing agro-ecology.

SNAP Specialty Coffee built their new wet mill in 2019 in a small hamlet called Danche within the Chelbesa Village with the hope of reaching out to purchasing exclusively red cherries from the nearby farmers in Chelbesa Village. Their ambition became a reality after completion of the project. The fermentation tanks of the wet mill were built by ceramic which will help bring clarity in the coffee that they process as well as help fasten the fermentation through keep heat inside the ceramic.This lots it has been put together with the production of 476 smallholders farmers delivering their cherries to the mill, in the area the most common type of soil is redbrown a particularly fertile type rich in iron and with high acidity content.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lit packaging, even better beans

Great beans when brewed with an aeropress or V60. Tasting notes spot on.


Chelbesa - Ethiopia

Chelbesa is the besta?

Having been a FCR customer for a few years this is high contender for my favourite. But tastes change and nothing lasts forever….
But it is deffo a belter!

Smooth with a capital S

Deliciously smooth coffee full of flavour, I never fully get the notes suggested but this one tastes of caramel in a warming way :) We love the Ethiopian Coffees sourced by the foundry team :)


Fantastic beans. So versatile, I use both for drip and espresso.

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