Compak E8 RedSpeed Burrs

Back in stock! - and this time, all our E8s come with RedSpeed burrs.

We think that Compak currently offer the best value coffee grinders for both home and shop use and we are proud to be a fully authorised UK distributor.

We hold in stock the very latest variants which were launched in September 2014. New features include beautiful barista lights which really enhance both the appearance and usability of the grinders.

RedSpeed burrs on the E8 are rated for 5000 kg (yes, no misprint, that's five thousand kilos) of coffee. These burrs are coated with special stuff developed by Compak which results in lower a lower friction co-efficient. This means less wear and crucially, the temperature is ground at a lower temperature which should give better results, particularly in commercial setting where the grinders get heavier use. If you go through 2kg of coffee at home, you won't need to think about changing your burrs for around 50 years! In a busy cafe (15 kg a week), you're good for at least 6 years.

All our grinders are sold in Compak's stunning matte black paint and they also come with the optional 3 dose upgrade as standard, allowing more control and flexibility around dosing.

The E8 represents great value for money. Key features include a huge 730w motor and 83mm flat burrs. Build quality and ease of use are also exceptional. We have been really impressed by the consistency and delivery of the grind into the basket, which allows for fantastic distribution and amazing results in the cup.

We are also able to supply burrs and other optional extras, including different sized hoppers. An element that really appeals to us is the very reasonably priced replacement burr sets, which most other manufacturers charge very high prices for. If you already have this grinder, we can supply spare parts, you can get a list here

You can check out the Compak E8 specification here. For those wanting more detail about how these grinders work, you can also have a look at the Compak E8 instruction manual here. Still want more info? - why not check out Compak's YouTube channel here. Of course, you may prefer something a little larger, with conical burrs. If so, check out the E10 here.

If you'd like to see these grinders in action, we can arrange a demonstration at our roastery. Of course, we're also happy to answer any other questions you may have, please contact us.

Please note: Our prices include fully insured UK shipping by courier. Shipping is on a next day basis and we can work this out to suit you. We're also happy to swap the standard hopper for a small hopper at no extra cost.

As from June 2016, Compak have stopped putting a 'RedSpeed' badge on the front of the E8 RedSpeed. Other than that, this years variant remains unchanged. 

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