Dambi Udo, Guji - Ethiopia

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There aren't many things that get Team Foundry as excited as a new coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia and this is easily the best one we've ever tasted. Prepare yourself for an explosion of flavour. HUGE strawberries and blueberries make this the quintessential natural Ethiopian coffee. Incredible however you like to brew, this is just outstanding coffee. Top Tip: buy a bigger bag than you think you'll need, you'll be glad you did. 

Origin:  Dambi Udo, Guji, Oromia. 

Owner:  Buno General Trading. 

Varietals: Heirloom

Processing: Natural

Do you need a recipe? - we're not sure you do! (see what we're on about here). Remember though, our Facebook group is a great place to discuss your brewing experiences with others and we're always happy to help if we can - just drop us a line using the message icon in the bottom right corner of this screen! 

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Dambi Udo is neighbouring Shaksio, populated by small farmers that have only recently started to engage in coffee production and harvesting. The young producers are much more open to change and are more receptive to training around farm management and picking amd this makes this whiole project seriously exciting and one that we are watching closely - if things continue in this vein, they will achieve really great things in the future. 

Abiyot, owner of Buno General Trading, decided to focus on processing natural Specialty grade coffee, collects only the ripest cherries and dries them on 25 meter long raised beds. He made a difference in the community’s harvesting habits by paying an additional 1 birr/kg to the farmers delivering fully red and sorted out cherries.

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Great coffee

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