We bought one of these machines earlier this year and we've been blown away by it. So much so in fact that we have recommended the same machine to several of our customers. Now, we are proud to have teamed up with FETCO to offer the machine here on our webshop. 

The 2131XTS is the best option for anyone wanting to produce high quality coffee reliably and consistently. After getting a recipe together, it really is as simple as grinding your coffee into the basket and pressing a button. Recipes can be stored on an SD card and transferred easily from one machine to another and there is huge scope for tailoring the brewing process to your exact requirements - and after a bit of playing around you'll soon be serving up amazing quality coffee. 

Whether you are running a high volume coffee shop, restaurant, pop-up food venue or other business where good quality coffee is essential, this machine will really free you up to spend your time focussed on your customers, not your coffee machine. 

There are several different options as far as urns and other accessories go, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss further. We can also install these machines in your own premises if needed so let us know if you would like us to explore those options for you. 


Wanna know more? 

For those of you really wanting to dig deep into what this machine can do, feel free to download the user manual here. For a quick demo of how the machine works in practice, have a look at the following video. 



or for a more in depth video of how the machine can be programmed, have a look at this