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We know how much you lot love African coffees, so we are very pleased to add this beautiful washed coffee from Rwanda to our offering.

In the cup, you can expect quite a heavy, full bodied brew with a gentle red grape acidity and hints of ripe plums, pears and black cherries. This is very well balanced coffee with a smooth and even finish. It falls squarely into the comfort category.

In espresso, this coffee has a lovely rounded acidity and some nuttiness. It tastes great black as well as with milk. Enjoy!

Origin:  Muhororo Sector, Ngororero District, Rwanda

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Roast degree: Medium (

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more)

Q Score: 88 (what's this?)

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Notes from the importer...

Once arrived at our CWS we use a floating system to remove bad cherries before processing. After pulping, the coffee is fermented overnight between 8-12 hours and we proceed with grading in floating channels which separates coffee by its density. This stage is followed by pre-drying on tables in covered shelters and then on open drying tables for prolonged drying. These 2 phases are characterised by intensive sorting, mostly done by casual female workers.

Each farmer has his own record booklet where the coffee cherries supplied are recorded on daily basis. Farmers receive the payment upon delivery. The price paid to farmers is usually set by the government at the start of the harvest season. But Tropic Coffee aims to always pay a bonus for the higher quality of coffee supplied in order to provide a better life to their workers and families.

Currently, the coffee washing station has capacity of processing more than 200 Mt of ORGANIC CERTIFIED coffee, whereby more than 50% of coffee processed comes from this jointly managed farm (Bukekera Coffee Estate) mostly owned by a group of women of the KOPIGUKA Cooperative.

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Good but doesn’t stand out for me, given the cup score

Fruit acidity and sweet plum. The acidity is gentle as in grapes as Foundry state, but the fruity acidity is also gentle in fruits like Pears. I could not get any other flavour. It is a good coffee but nothing great for the score. It is, however, sweet and good to drink as a brew / a black. Cuts fine with milk as well. It has got a tiny bit of enjoyable tartness (at the back of the tongue and as an after taste). I can liken it to tartness one may get from their skins. It’s a nice tartness, which I am unable to lose.