Keep Cup 8oz Brew

We are proud to offer these cups. For those that don't know, KeepCups are a stylish, practical alternative to disposal coffee cups. This is the KeepCup brew. It is made of tempered glass so it's strong. Not unbreakable but super tough. Your Aeropress or V60 will sit snugly on top and the cup will fit in your car's cup holder. This is the latest version, which has a redesigned and improved lid seal.

Many speciality coffee shops are now offering discounts for KeepCup users, so you can gradually recoup the cost of your cup and do your bit for the environment at the same time. We only stock the cups in our own FCR colours, as shown in the photo.

There's a short promotional video for you to watch here if you like. We also stock the KeepCup original 60z, which you can find here.

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