Londinium L1

The Londinium 1 (previously known as the Londinium L1-P) is a single group commercial espresso machine that will help you to serve incredible coffee in your restaurant, bar or other lower volume setting. Built using the same principles as the larger Londinium II and Londinium III, this machine is built to manage demand. It's built with a 2700 watt heating element to ensure rapid heat recovery. This coupled with a 7 litre boiler means that you'll be banging them out all day with minimal fuss, all while still using a UK domestic electricity supply.

Londinium machines make so much sense in a commercial settings. With ridiculously low operating costs when compared to a pump machine, cleaning and maintenance are all so easy. The machine is made from high quality stainless steel and so it's easy to keep it gleaming. Reliability is also a key feature and should you need any parts, we can supply them direct from the factory within a day or two. You can read more generally about lever machines in our L1 listing here.

Of course, we can supply grinders and everything else you'll need to get up and running and we can also install the machine for you if you prefer. If you'd like to know more, or you want to see a lever machine in action, please contact us. You can also read about why we sell Londinium espresso machines here.

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