Moata - Ethiopia.

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Origin: Duromina Co-Operative, Jimma Zone, Ethiopia. 

Farmer: Various smallholders

Varietals: Heirloom Varietals.

Processing: Washed and dried on African beds.  

 Moata means 'Champion' in the Afan Oromo language and there may never have been coffee more aptly named (with a cup score of 90.75, it has champion credentials too). In the cup, you can expect to find a wonderfully syrupy sweetness alongside peach and apricot notes. Most astonishing though is the body, which is much fuller than you would expect to find in coffee from this region so prepare to have your ideas about washed Ethiopians challenged a bit! The body and complexity means that this coffee is simply amazing in any brew method, from single origin espresso to filter.

This lot was seperated out at the Duromina washing station due to the quality of the cherries. The co-operative is owned by around 100 local farmers who have invested in a wet mill, which enabled them to produce high quality washed coffee for the first time. Help from the TechnoServe project provided access to technical support and business advice. This is a washing station that ionly two short years later was producing some of the best coffee in Africa, according to a panel of professional international judges and an area that we now expect to produce great coffee year in, year out. 


Recipe starting points. 

For Aeropress: 14.5g Coffee brewed at 97 degrees, water added to make a total beverage weight of 240g.These parameters should be used in conjunction with our Aeropress method, detailed here

In espresso: 17.5g dose in a 18g VST basket. Yield is 38g in around 32 seconds on the flat burrs. 

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