Mutovu - Rwanda.

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Get ready for amazing cranberry, cherry and rhubarb notes. This is sweet, sticky, juicy coffee with great complexity, balance and a 'tart'-ness that is super addictive. Refreshing and stimulating, however you brew it. 

Origin: Nyamasheke, Western Province, Rwanda

Farm: Co-operative with 9 farmer members.  

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed

The Mutovu washing station was established in 2012 in the Nyamasheke area of Western Rwanda. It is ideally located, benefitting from rich soils and easy access to many small farms in the area, ranging in altitudes between 1800 and 1950 meters.

Mutovu is a small cooperative of 9 farmers, each with between 1,500 - 5,000 coffee trees. Each farmer supplies their own cherries to the station, in addition to collecting cherries from their neighbours' farms. Its location and ownership structure has made it a great success and despite 2012 being its first season of full production, it was able to produce 20 tons of parchment. These coffees consistently cup very well, and each year the co-op continue to make quality improvements at the mill. For example, in 2015, they reinvested in better milling equipment, new drying beds and a brand new warehouse to better store their parchment coffee.

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Customer Reviews

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I keep coming back to this highly consistent roast from Foundry. Complex and balanced flavours and a perfect sweetness. Works very well with an Aeropress.

thanks for your review. For a roaster like us, consistency is the most important bit so that means a lot, thanks. :)

Mutovu - Rwanda.

Fantastic beans - would recommend!

I purchased the Mutovu - Rwanda beans recently and they were fantastic - really delicious and arrived swiftly. Would recommend!

Thanks for your review Kris, much appreciated and so glad you're enjoying the coffee. :)

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