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When I drink this coffee, I'm reminded of sticky dark fruits, ripe plums and chocolate.

 Beautiful Rwandan coffee. In the cup, you can expect a seriously jam-like, creamy coffee. The coffee has a toffee finish too, long and sweet  for that heavenly, easy-drinking vibe that we all love so much. 

You'll find that this coffee is very soluble which means you can play around a lot with your brewing parameters and get differing results. If you like very heavy body and want to bring out the sticky, plum like sweetness, you can do that. Brew with more water and you may reveal a pleasingly zingy acidity. 

Good with milk and in all brew methods, this may well end up bing your go-to brew. 

Origin:  Mutovu River, Rwanda. 

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Roast colour: 127 (

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more)

Q Score: 87 (what's this?)

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Want to know more about this coffee? Read on......

Just 5km from Karambi Mountain station within the same sector is the neighbouring site, Mutovu, named after the river that flows at the foot of the site.

The river also provides the washing station with its water source along with the rainwaters that come down from the mountain. Like many of the washing stations, rainwater is stored in tanks and channelled throughout the site. After use the water is treated through filtration with lime added to raise the PH content before being held in small lagoons for anaerobic breakdown and eventual evaporation.

The small station is just 2 hectares in size and not far from the neighbouring towns of Gatare and Gikangaga. The station was built in 2012 and RTC took ownership in 2018, employing 5 full time staff with an additional 70 during the season. 90% are women. Farms in the area range from 0.5km to 5km away and are serviced by 12 collection points. Farms have on average 3500 coffee trees

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Customer Reviews

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This is so good I bought more

andrew pellegrine

Mutovu - Rwanda.

Lenore Klassen
Great flavour

This coffee has some great underlying flavours.

Glad you're enjoying it Lenore, thanks a lot for leaving a review! :)


I keep coming back to this highly consistent roast from Foundry. Complex and balanced flavours and a perfect sweetness. Works very well with an Aeropress.

thanks for your review. For a roaster like us, consistency is the most important bit so that means a lot, thanks. :)

James Sherwood-Jones

Mutovu - Rwanda.