PUSH Tamper


We're delighted to be teaming up with Clockwork Espresso to bring you their excellent PUSH tamper. 

We've been using one of these beauties ever since the first beta versions were issued a year or more ago and we're big fans. Designed and manufactured in the UK to extremely exacting standards using surgical grade steel and a special non-stick coating. The top part is machined from aluminium and the whole thing feels amazing on your hand. This tamper has several distinct advantages over traditional tampers as explored below....

Precision and consistency - Designed to fit snugly into VST espresso baskets ensuring that you are left with a perfectly flat, perfectly even tamp every time. Regardless of who the barista is, you'll get the same bed of coffee every time - in fact its practically impossible to NOT tamp perfectly every time. Improved consistency of shots is achieved by reducing channelling which leads to better extractions - the ability to adjust the tamper depth to within a fraction of a millimetre mean that you can quickly and easily set this tamper up to do a perfect job every time. 

Reducing the risk of injury - it is well known that baristas can suffer from long term health problems related to repetitive strains. Traditionally, tamping puts a lot of pressure on the wrist. However, with the PUSH tamper, you use your wrist a lot less, pushing down instead with the palm of your hand. You can readily alternate, swapping to your other hand with no impact on the quality of your tamp. 

Want to know more? Why not read what others have made of this innovative product.......

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The tamper also picked up an innovation award from the SCAE in 2016. So, what are you waiting for? Get one of these in your life and take one of the variables out of your espresso routine. 

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