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Rocko is like an old friend. When I drink this coffee, I'm blown away by the delicate florals and those effervescent flavours that remind me of summer fruits.

Without a doubt, the coffee we're best known for is Rocko Mountain and we're beyond excited to bring you this coffee again this year. It's what we think of as 'old school' Yirgacheffe, and this year it's got us all misty eyed yet again! 

In the cup, expect a big hit of fruit, however you brew. In this coffee, there is no escaping. It's the original fruity banger. In espresso, it really shines. Beautifully balanced and elegant, with gentle acidity. Add milk, and you're in fruity milkshake territory. Elegant and exciting coffee. You're going to love it. 

Origin: Banko Chelchele Kebele (neighbourhood), Gedeb Woreda

Varietals: 74112 Ethiopian landrace

Processing: Natural

Roast colour: 133 (

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more)

Q Score: 88.25 (what's this?)

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Want to know more about this coffee? Read on (info from Falcon Speciality)

For our Rocko Mountain this year at Falcon Specialty, with the help of our team in Addis we have been sourcing this particular coffee that truly represents the old school traditional flavour of Yirgacheffe. That is why these year with the support of Siz Agro we have been able to connect directly to Tariku and source this magnificent natural processed coffee.

Tariku Mengesha is the sole owner and produced this natural coffee entirely on his farms, the farm is located throughout the Banko Chelchele Kebele (neighbourhood) of Gedeb Woreda, south of Yirgacheffe and just west of the border with the vast Oromia region.

Tariku applied the basic agronomic practices and keep the field free of any weeds, grows pulse crops in his coffee field so as to maintain the fertility of the soil. The pruning practices are carried out with the technical help from our Stumping Project partners, Technoserve, and some district Agricultural experts.

Tariku processes the coffee with the help of Tesfaye Roba, and this lot has been processed as a traditional Natural, first by soaking the cherries to remove all immature, floaters, overripe and foreign matter and then drying on raised beds for 28 days.

While coffee is Tariku's primary income, which he uses to support his family that includes 10 children (3 boys and 7 girls), he also grows navy beans and false banana, called “enset,” which produce no edible fruit but whose root and heart ( rhizome and pseudostem, if you want to be botanically accurate) can be harvested.

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Customer Reviews

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Kieran Chaplin

Lovely. Easy doubles. Singles taste like milkshakes.

Thank you Kieran, great to hear you're enjoying the beans - and thanks a lot for taking the time to leave a review.

Another great foundry coffee

Made in clever dripper, v60 and aeropress

Thank you Alexandra, great to hear you enjoyed the beans. We all really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review too!

Daniel Mackenzie
Rocko Mountain - excellent

I stumbled across Foundry when speaking with the delightful company owner, Lee.

I have shopped at Pact for a few years now, who are a couple of pounds cheaper. I will 100% be moving over to Foundry though. Soft, sweet and smooth, Rocko Mountain is a superb bean.

The packaging is beautifully designed; the roast and delivery happened within a few days of order; and to top it off, they are one of the few carbon neutral roasters in the country. 10/10.

Thanks so much Daniel, that's a great review and much appreciated. Glad to hear you enjoyed the beans and we'll look forward to sending you more in the future!!

Rocko Mountain

Perfectly nice coffee and on any reasonable scale this would be delicious...but this year's offering is not as special as previous years

Jeff Manser
Rocko is without doubt my favourite coffee bean

This is definitely one of my favourite bean. Lovely favour.

Thanks Jeff, you're not alone - still our best seller after all these years!!