Rocko Mountain Reserve - Ethiopia

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Origin: Haricha Woreda, Godeo Zone.

Farm: Various smallholder/ co-operative members. 

Varietals: Heirloom

Processing: Natural

Congratulations, you've managed to survive for a couple of months without Rocko Mountain Reserve. Still, we're sure you'll be pleased to here that the 2017 crop has now arrived. This is the coffee for which we are best known and this is the fourth year in a row that we have had the pleasure of buying these beans. This lot is now scoring over 90 points and is tasting truly incredible, quite possibly the best crop yet. 

For those that have not had this coffee before, it is graded and selected on quality alone and represents the very best available in the area. You can expect huge strawberry notes which sit alongside a beautiful lime acidity on a bed of sweet florals. It's not subtle coffee but it's easy to work with, however you choose to brew it and it's complex to the point that you'll find deliciousness across a wide range of extractions so you'll love playing around with it.  

In espresso, we were pulling 34g from a 15g dose in around 36 seconds, which includes a 6 second pre-infusion on the spring lever machine. We were using a 15g VST basket and flat burrs.

In filter, it's easy to brew in the Aeropress using our usual recipe and a 14.5g dose.

As usual, your purchase helps support the work of the Girls Gotta Run Foundation. This is a great organisation which undertakes amazing work to help improved the lives of young women in Ethiopia. You can read more about their work here


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