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Decaf can be good too and here's proof. This is an interesting offering from Colombia. In the cup, you can expect a heavy body and a lots of dark chocolatey notes which provides a hint of bite and oodles of sweetness. We also found flavours that reminded us of roasted hazelnuts and ripe cherries alongside a pleasing red apple acidity. Enjoy. 

Origin:  San Lorenzo, Rio Sucio, Colombia.

Varietals: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra

Processing: Sugar cane decaf.  

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Wanna know more about this coffee? - read on.

This producer group is part of the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Alto Occidente de Caldas which was established in 1964. The San Lorenzo indigenous group are based in the Rio Sucio municipality of Caldas where there are 11,500 inhabitants with 1,150 farmers growing and producing coffee within the 21 communities.

This region until recently was heavily inhabited by the FARC, ELN, Paramilitary groups and guerrillas who looked to control this central corridor in Colombia. This region has not been known for specialty production but as the tensions ease and access has improved it is now possible to demonstrate the quality of the coffees available.The indigenous inhabitants believe in the Pacha Mama where they see the land as a living being. To them it is their duty to protect the natural environment and have as little impact as possible from their farming of coffee and to leave it as it has always been.

Each farmer has approximately 0.5 Ha of land in which they have about 2500 coffee trees.During the harvest the families will work with their neighbours to select ripe cherry before de-pulping in micro-beneficios where they will then de-pulp and ferment the coffee in water for 16 -24 hours depending on the weather. The coffee is then washed and then put out to dry on small drying patios on the roofs of the houses where they will dry it for between 8 – 14 days depending on the weather.

They then deliver it to the Cooperative where it is assessed and categorised before being allowed to rest and then milled for shipment The Sugar Cane Decaf Process.  



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Nick T
Lovely decaf.

My first decaf purchase and it’s really nice. Nice balance of sweetness and bitterness. I’d get this again. Nice evening drink.

Angela Sanders
Nothing comes close

This really is the best decaff i have tasted and nothing really comes close to it. Thank you.

Amazing decaf

I started buying this coffee for my pregnant partner but now find myself drinking it on a regular basis as its an amazing coffee very well rounded with a great taste and mouth feel.

Lily Humphries
The best decaf I’ve ever tasted

Even taking account of my amateurish coffee making skills, this is amazing coffee. Flat white served up by Foundry Coffee expert baristas is even better!