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Developing advanced knowledge for master brewers.

PLEASE NOTE: The SCA is currently redesigning their administrative processes. We are unable to open the courses for booking until the new SCA system is fully operational (currently planned for 17th January 2023). Our provisional course dates can be found on the FCR Calendar here. Please get in touch if you need more information. 

The Brewing Professional is designed for the Head of Coffee, head barista or any professional who is willing to take their knowledge and skills up to the highest level.

You must complete Brewing Intermediate before attending this course. This is an SCA requirement. A three months gap is also required between an intermediate and professional level course to ensure you have time to absorb the knowledge and you are able to put it into practice. 

The professional level of the CSP Brewing will extend the practical and sensory brewing capabilities of the professional brewer. 

Course Content:

  • Core Brewing Variables
  • Extraction & Strength
  • Grind particle size
  • Relationship between roast level & extraction
  • BY-PASS - what is the difference & when to use it
  • Know your water

This course is delivered over three days and contains 21 hours of taught content. Each cohort is between two and four participants. Our course fee includes the SCA certification fees. 

All our courses are conducted by fully accredited SCA trainers (knows as ASTs). you don't need to be a SCA member to take one of our SCA courses, but you will need to have a learner membership account with the SCA. You'll use it to access online examinations and your certificates. It's quick, easy and free to get one - see here.

We would highly recommend becoming an SCA member, particularly if you are undertaking intermediate or professional courses. The SCA charges exam, administration and certification fees for all course participants - but they do offer a discount for SCA members. These fees are included in the cost of our courses. 

Please note: If you select fees based on incorrect SCA membership status, you will not be able to complete your course until the correct SCA fees have been paid. 

If you would like to discuss a bespoke session for your team or group, or if you have any questions about this course, then please get in touch with us by hitting the orange icon at the bottom right of this webpage. 

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