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Victor Mejia Heredia - Peru

It's a great pleasure to bring you this unusual and interesting lot from Peru.

When we got this on the cupping table, we were struck by the luscious treacle tart favours. It has this gooey, sticky sugary-ness to it that makes it really moreish, especially when paired with a black tea finish, which really balances out the sweetness. The silky body is super smooth but a tiny hint of grapefruit acidity keeps everything clean, complex and well balanced. Really delicious coffee.  Peru is really throwing up a lot of surprises this year! 

Origin:  El Condor Village, Huabal District

Varietals: Mundo Novo

Processing: Washed

Q Score: 86.25 (what's this?)

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Want to know more about this coffee? Read on......

Victor Mejia Heredia owns 2 hectares of land in the El Condor village in Huabal district. Victor cultivates the mundo novo and caturra varieties, which he has maintained for the last 20 years. The altitude at the farm ranges from 1930 to 2010masl and at the higher areas of the farm Victor also has some pasture land where he raises cattle for milk, cheese and butter.

Victor picks and processes his coffee with the help of his three sons, who are also coffee producers themselves. Once picked, the cherry is pulped at Victors house on a small motorised pulper, before they're taken to his concrete fermentation tank where they ferment for 24 hours. Once mucilage is easily removed the beans are washed clean and placed on tarpaulin mats raised off the ground on a wooden extension built onto the house, where they dry in the shade for around 14 days.


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Creamy, velvety...all power of the mother earth collected in a fresh cup of coffee...☕️

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