Yellow Mountain - Colombia

We know that you a lot of you really love Colombian coffee and we're really pleased to launch this one as the first of there that we have for you in the coming weeks. We see a lot of these varietals these days (Castillo and Colombia), which have been bred to be more disease resistant, which helps provide more security for the farmers that grow them. 

In the cup, you can expect dark chocolate and nuts with a hint of vanilla and a creamy body. These newer varietals tend to have a bracing finish, making them perfect to drink when balanced with milk, as traditional espresso, or in a bean to cup machine. Enjoy! 

Origin:  Delos Andes Cooperative, Andes, Antioquia (blended lot)

Varietals: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra.

Processing: Washed

Q Score: 84.25 (what's this?)

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Want to know more about this coffee? Read on......

This coffee comes from the region Andes in the department of Antioquia and 4 small farms all with between 1 - 5ha of land that we selected to blend together to make this lot.

It is named after the mountain that just sits outside of the town of Andes in Antioquia.This lot of coffee comes from various small holders who belong to the Cooperative Delos Andes, who have supported these growers and their families for generations in this region. The Co-operative are very active in trying to protect their members and have introduced a pension program for the members as well as having programs to encourage the next generation of coffee farmers.

The coop has around 6000 members in Antioquia which is the biggest coffee department in Colombia.The coffee is picked, pulped and fermented (usually dry) for between 18-36 hours depending on weather and exact altitude. After this the coffee is then dried on roof patios or in parabolic driers for 10-14 days. From here they then deliver it to the coop where they store it and grade it.

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Customer Reviews

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Ria Agarwal

Yellow Mountain - Colombia

great straightforward coffee

this is great, perfect as espresso and fantastic with milk too. high quality dark chocolate is what i get, thick mouthfeel with a lingering treacly bitter sweetness in the finish. with milk the other flavour notes keek through a wee bit more. straightforward flavours and easy to work with. if i could only have one coffee, it would be probably be something like this.

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