• Londinium - exceptional espresso machines

Ever since we started working with coffee, we've used Londinium espresso machines and so it's a real thrill to announce that we are now the first authorised reseller of these beautiful machines in the UK. For those of you that know us already, you will have noticed that we've used Londinium machines extensively for testing our roast profiles as well as using them to serve coffee at loads of events, including Cup North and Glasgow Coffee Festival last year. Some of you will also know that we are in opening a coffee shop this year, fancy a guess at what kind of espresso machine we'll be using?

So, what is it about these machines that we love so much? The answer is long and probably easier to break down into smaller chunks......

They help us make amazing coffee.

When paired with a good grinder, the declining pressure and temperature profile which occur consistently when using lever machines extracts the coffee really well. Many other manufacturers are now trying to replicate these pressure profiles using sophisticated pumps and advanced electronics but the Londinium machines rely on little more than a spring. The first time I tried a shot from a lever machine, I was blown away. It just tasted so much better than any espresso I had tasted before. Of course, this is the most important factor who choosing an espresso machine, but it's far from the only one.

They're simple (and quiet).

As coffee machines get more and more technologically advanced, it's so refreshing to use machines that operate on such basic principles. Pulling the lever down allows the group to fill with hot water, at the same time a huge spring is compressed. As the lever is lifted, the spring takes over and pushes the water through the coffee bed. When the machines are plumbed into mains water, there are no pumps and no control panels. It's pretty spooky at first but the plumbed in machine is almost silent in operation, no whirring motors, no vibration. All you can hear are the drops of espresso hitting your cup. 

They're reliable.

As a result of being so simple, these machines are also extremely reliable. They have only a fraction of the parts that you'll find on a typical pump machine.

They're easy to clean and maintain and they're built to last.

Unlike a pump machine, there is no three-way solenoid. This means that there is no backflushing and no need for abrasive chemicals inside your machine. Water just flows one way, out of the machine, through your coffee and into your cup. None of the oils from the coffee will ever find their way back into your machine like they do in a typical pump machine. In fact, a quick clean of the shower screens and a wipe down of the stainless steel body is all that is required at the end of service.

They're tactile and beautiful.

It's always the same wherever we go. Everyone wants to know how the machine works. Londinium machines are extremely well engineered and built here in the UK to exacting standards. It's the finishing touches that really enhance the machines, like the hand-turned wedge handles and the high quality lights for example. There's no getting away from the fact that these machines require more user input than most and this is where the engineering really shows. It's a really satisfying experience for the barista.

So, whether you are a home-based espresso fanatic or you're running a 600 cups per day cafe, Londinium have a machine for you. Here at Foundry Coffee Roasters, we can supply and install these machines in any setting. We can provide training and advice and we also have access to all spare parts which are all available to you within 24 hours where necessary. We'll have demonstration machines in our roastery from February 2016 so why not come and have a play? You can check out the whole range here.