As a small batch coffee roaster we look for partners who share our values and our commitment to providing exceptional coffee experiences for our customers. We don't actively sell coffee into the wholesale market and we don't have account managers or any of that stuff. Having said all that, we are always happy to supply our coffee beans to quality focussed coffee establishments - we just choose to adopt a different, simpler approach.  

Our beans can be ordered directly from our website in 1kg bags, with no minimum order. Delivery is free on all orders over 1kg. We’ll be pleased to discuss offering a volume discount on our coffee if you’re planning on ordering more than 5kg of coffee at a time. You can buy direct through our website, or we can set up an account for you after we've been working together for a while. 

We’re not a ‘buy our coffee and we’ll give you free stuff’ kind of company. Those sorts of arrangements are complicated and restrictive to all concerned - so we prefer to encourage our trade customers to buy coffee from different roasters as it suits them. It helps keep things interesting for their teams and customers alike.  

So, if you buy from us, it’s just our coffee at a transparent, fair price with flexible and friendly service. Of course, if you are in need of equipment (whether it be new or used) then we can help with that (you can read about our coffee equipment service here).

We also provide bespoke training packages for both individuals and teams, just get in touch if you would like to discuss what we can offer your business.