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We're loving our new comfort offering. This is clean, elegant coffee. Expect a sumptuous drink with sweet plum notes and a lovely smooth caramel finish. This is solid, well-balanced coffee that is super easy to brew whether you are using an espresso machine or any other brew method. It's fast becoming our dependable, go-to brew around here, especially in a flat white.

Origin:  Jardin, Andes

Owner:  Various Smallholders. 

Varietals: Castillo, Colombia and Caturra

Processing: Washed

Do you need a recipe? - we're not sure you do! (see what we're on about here). Remember though, our Facebook group is a great place to discuss your brewing experiences with others and we're always happy to help if we can - just drop us a line using the message icon in the bottom right corner of this screen! 

Want to know more? Read on......

This regional blend comes from the beautiful area of Jardin nestled in the Andes in the Antioquia department of Colombia.

This lot of coffee comes from various smallholders who belong to the Cooperative DelosAndes who have supported these growers and their families for generations in this region. The Co-operative is very active in trying to protect their members and has introduced a pension program for the members as well as having programs to encourage the next generation of coffee farmers.

This lot has come from farms from 1-5 ha in size where the coffee is picked, pulped and fermented (usually dry) for between 18-36 hours depending on weather and exact altitude. After this, the coffee is then dried on roof patios or in parabolic driers for 10-14 days. From here they then deliver it to the coop where they store it and grade it.

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Customer Reviews

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Insane chocolate...

..with a little bit of caramel. Wow, this one has got a dark chocolate punch to it, with caramel to temper it. I don't think my palette or coffee making technique is good enough to discern the plum. Nevertheless, I'm loving this one. I'm making this with 18g in, 36g (ish) out in approx 35 seconds as a flat white. This, along with the Rocko Mountain are my two current favourites (yes, I'm going to allow myself 2 favourites!). Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Thats good to hear Paresh, thanks for leaving a review - we really appreciate it. The exact ame recipe as we are using in the shop too! :)
Good go-to coffee

This is a lovely coffee to get you kick started in the mornings. Those caramel and raisin notes come through nicely and make an enjoyable drink. My new standard coffee I reckon.

Thanks Nick, great to hear you are enjoying the coffee and we all really appreciate you leaving a review for us!
keep this one on the go!

easy website to navigate and make purchase. guaranteed freshly roasted beans. enjoying this product. great stuff. will return. collection simple- cheers for coffee in house also!

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