No. 9 Roast

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You can expect a really sumptuous drink with a sweet and lovely, smooth caramel, butterscotch finish. This is really solid, well-balanced coffee that is super easy to brew and it's been designed specifically for espresso - a first for us! The roast is just a tad more developed than usual (but still no oil on the beans or anything like that - yuk!) and it's just perfect for those of you that like just that little bit more intensity and boldness in the cup. It tastes amazing in espresso-based drinks as frequenters of Cafe No.9 in Nether Edge will no doubt tell you.

Anyone looking for an easy-drinking, easy brewing coffee - look no further. Absolutely perfect for bean to cup machines too! 

Origin:  La Ricuarte, Antioquia, Colombia.

Owner:  The Velez family. 

Varietals: Castillo, Colombia and Caturra

Processing: Washed

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Antioquia situated in the northwest of Colombia.

Most of these are smallholders with 2- 5 ha of land but there are also larger family farms in the department that have been part of families for generations. Only recently has speciality coffee been associated with this department as there have been significant quality improvements over the past number of years.

The climate and dramatic valleys make this a very challenging environment in which to produce speciality coffee. Finca La Ricuarte is a 150 ha farm with 50 ha given to the natural forest and environment. This farm belongs to the Velez family who have owned the farm for generations. The main variety on the farm is Caturra with some Colombia and Castillo as well on the land.

The farm is also certified RFA as it is important to the family to be responsible for the environment as well as for the people they employ.

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wonderful espresso
Perfect coffee for a Flat White
Sublime coffee!

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