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'When I taste this coffee, I'm struck by it's intensity and boldness. It's smooth, like fudge with a hint of bitterness like in dark chocolate. Don't go thinking this is a dark roast though, it's not!'

If you'd like to know about how the No.9 Roast came about, head over to our blog post here.

This is really solid, well-balanced coffee that is super easy to brew and it's been designed specifically for espresso - a first for us! The roast is just a tad more developed than is usual for us (but still no oil on the beans or anything like that - yuk!) and it's just perfect for those of you that like just that little bit more intensity and boldness in the cup. It tastes amazing in espresso-based drinks as frequenters of Cafe No.9 in Nether Edge, Sheffield will no doubt tell you.

You can find out more about the lot itself here

Anyone looking for an easy-drinking, easy brewing coffee - look no further. Absolutely perfect for bean to cup machines too! 

Origin:  Planadas, Tolima, Colombia

Varietals: Caturra and Typica

Processing: Washed

Roast colour: 126 (read more).

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more) but best for espresso. 

You can get more sensory information about the coffee by looking at the diagrams in the images above. If you need to know how these work, just click here

Taste and flavour perception are complex and difficult to articulate. We love sharing our tasting notes with you, but please don't rely too heavily on our reports. Your experience is what matters most and it may be different. We've written about that whole issue here.

IMPORTANT: Please read our short Coffee Bean Care Guide here

Want to know more about this coffee? click here

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Customer Reviews

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Bryan Newell
great coffee

No9 roast is the nicest coffee we have tried use it in a Krupps bean to cup tried quite a few different roast this one is by far the best

Lucy Kennedy

No. 9 Roast

Ian Murray
Good value and tasty blend

Hits all the yummy areas and is roasted just right. You may have to reduce your grind a little finer from say Rocko, but it’s worth the effort if you have manual adjustment. If you have a programmable grinder, then dial in one setting for this one.

Thanks for leaving a review Ian and great to hear you are enjoying the No.9 Roast!

Allison Merrick
New customer

Coffee is Christmas present for my son so not able to comment yet.

Lovely morning coffee

It tastes like how coffee should....I know such a silly thing to say, but it's a very safe, very straight forward honest cup of coffee as an espresso based drink. No fancy flavour notes just a lovely smooth cup of coffee.
I'm finding 17g in and 36g out over 20-25 seconds best personally - which is significantly less than the usual 28-32 seconds.
I'll be making this my regular morning coffee bean for a while.