About Us

We are a small independent business, established in 2012 in Sheffield. 

As a boutique coffee roaster, we are all about sourcing exceptional coffee and roasting it for you in small batches, to exacting standards. Almost all our coffee goes to individuals like you, who ordered it online.

We're also trying hard to be a good business. We became a Real Living Wage employer, and a carbon neutral business in 2020. In the future, we hope to become a bCorp certified company.  

We now have six team members in total (Bidisha, Lee, Martin, Vilma, Keeley and Zac) who work at our new roastery and coffee bar based at Cutlery Works on Neepsend Lane, Sheffield. 



Did I mention that We love coffee??!! - Mornings are transformed by a great cup of coffee. Even bad days can be turned around with this wonderous liquid and we live for discovering new beans.

Whether we're excitedly welcoming new arrivals or saying goodbye to old friends, the seasonality of this magical fruit crop means that the next joyful discovery is only ever just around the corner.


Meet the Team

We have a fantastic team. Everyone has different talents and they work in different parts of the company but we're a small business so we see a lot of each other and we all regularly work barista shifts in our coffee shop - it's the best way of staying connected to how our guests interact with our coffee and in this respect the coffee shop works a lot like a lab for us.



picture of Bidisha.


"I love a clean, well balanced washed coffee from Central America if you're curious. I love working with everyone at Foundry and they feel like my second family. When not managing the coffee shop, or taking care of the business behind the scenes, my passion is cooking and creating new Bengali dishes from my Indian heritage. I also love spending time with my family and painting". 



picture of Keeley making an americano


'Originally from Birmingham, I moved to Sheffield a few years ago and I absolutely love it here! In my spare time, I enjoy creative writing, painting, and listening to music. Obviously, I love coffee and I'm particularly fond of natural processed beans.'  


image of Lee


"Up until recently, I was roasting most of the coffee at Foundry as well as maintaining our website and being a main point of contact for our customers. It's been amazing to see our team grown slowly over the past few years. They're all wonderful people and I feel lucky that they work with us. 

I'm not in the coffee shop as much as I used to be but still enjoy the odd barista shift. I'd say that my favourite thing about working at Foundry is sourcing new coffee. It's always such a thrill to get a new batch of samples - I just love the anticipation and the buzz I get when I find something special. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, walking and writing - and spending time with my amazing family."



selfie of Martin


My name is Martin, I moved to the UK from the California. I’ve always had my feet in the coffee world one way or the other. This is the first opportunity to work so close to the roasting side which I have a massive interest in. I love coffee for all the complex flavours and varieties much like a nice wine.
Outside of work i’m a big climber, hiker, biker, camper, traveller etc. Basically if it involves outdoors i’m interested. Also do a lot of photography on the side.



image of Vilma


"I'm Vilma and I've been on board for over 4 years. During my time at team Foundry, I have really developed my pallet and have a huge love for natural processed coffees. I am always willing to learn and love interacting with customers, hence you may have met me previously while visiting our coffee shop. Nowadays, I'm spending most of my time roasting coffee. 

My other passions include climbing, dying my hair in crazy colours and petting strangers dogs."



image of Zac


"Working for Foundry Coffee Roasters is like being part of a family. I feel super lucky to have the job I do and look forward to learning more and more about the process of bringing the best in coffee beans. Outside of work I enjoy making music, baking bread and tending to my allotment."


What we do....some of the specifics.



We spend a lot of time sourcing incredible coffee. Then it's a cycle of tasting, measuring and tweaking until we are happy that we have found the perfect roast profile for each coffee. We use technology to help us to roast our beans to the same consistently high standards, every time.

Our 250g bags go out to you by first class post in envelopes that have been designed with a convenient shopping experience in mind, fitting through most letterboxes - no-one likes getting those little red cards right? If you want to read more about packaging and postage costs etc, please click here. For larger orders, we use DPD who provide next day delivery in one-hour delivery slots for a super convenient experience. 

For those of you that find it hard to decide, we've got a great subscription service that removes all the hassle of choosing - they're easy to manage and a great way to ensure you get to taste all our coffee. 

We're now roasting every weekday, excluding bank holidays.


Wanna know more? 

If you have any questions, why not click on the icon on the bottom right of this page where you can check out answers to frequently asked questions or shoot us over a message and we'll be happy to help. 

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Happy Brewing to you all - Team Foundry x