About Foundry Coffee Roasters

Introducing Foundry Coffee Roasters 

Foundry Coffee Roasters is a small independent business based in Nether Edge, Sheffield. The company was established in 2012 by a group of friends. We now have five employees in total who work between our two sets of premises - the roastery in Nether Edge and our cafe in the centre of Sheffield. 

We love coffee and it is this pursuit of ever better coffee drinking experiences that drives us. We're building a business with a philosophy based on simplicity, transparency, excellent service and good value. We believe that being open and straightforward with our customers and our suppliers helps us to develop the kinds of relationships we want with everyone we come into contact with. 

Our beans are ethically sourced, we always know who grew them and where they came from. We think that the farmers who grow and harvest our wonderful beans deserve to be fairly treated too and we're determined to be good partners to our coffee growing friends all around the world.

We’re a friendly bunch so feel free to get in touch if you want to ask us any questions about our company. We are really looking forward to getting to know you better and we are always keen to learn how we can improve what we do.



What we do....

Sourcing, roasting and posting coffee...........

Here at Foundry Coffee Roasters we are committed to finding the best coffee beans from all over the world. We then spend a lot of time tasting, measuring and experimenting until we are happy that we have found the perfect roast profile for each batch.

Our next roast date is always displayed on our website homepage. We don't hold stocks of beans at the roastery as all beans are roasted to order at least three times per week.  

Our 250g and 350g bags go out to you by first class post in packaging that has been custom designed with a convenient shopping experience in mind. Our coffee will also fit through most letterboxes. If you want to read more about packaging and postage costs etc, please click here. For larger orders, we use DPD who provide next day delivery in one-hour delivery slots for a super convenient experience. 



Serving coffee..........

In January 2017, we opened our first cafe on Bank Street in Sheffield. The cafe is a way for us to show how we think our coffee should be served but it's not all about coffee either. We are quality focussed in all aspects of our business and our food and drink offering at the cafe is no exception. 


We also distribute espresso machines, coffee grinders and other coffee equipment as well as providing a comprehensive installation, maintenance and repair service. We provide training packages and also deliver classes and workshops to the general public.

We hope you enjoyed this quick summary of what we do; our blog posts contain much more information about our roasting endeavours and our product pages have more detailed information about each coffee that we source.

As ever, if you would like to know more about what we do, or you have suggestions for areas that we should cover in more detail, please get in touch.