Education and FCR / SCA Courses

We believe that there are three key ingredients to creating magical experiences with speciality coffee. 

  • High quality speciality coffee. 
  • Equipment which enables you to transform that coffee a delicious drink. 
  • Education - enabling you to gain the knowledge necessary to get the best out of your coffee and equipment. 

We also believe that speciality coffee is for everyone and that is why we provide free resources here on our website and over on our YouTube channel. These resources are aimed at helping you to get better at brewing coffee.

Still, we know that for some of you, you need more. Whether you work (or are looking to work) in the speciality coffee industry or you are an avid home brewer, we have developed a range of courses designed to help you. More in-depth, more structured and fully certified - these courses help you take your learning to the next level. 

At Foundry Coffee Roasters we are now offering a series of SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) courses, hosted by our very own SCA Certified Trainer. 


SCA Course Logos


These courses are the industry standard. SCA Coffee Skills Program courses are recognised throughout the world and delivered to exacting standards. Check out the SCA website here for more details. 

We are currently offering the ‘Introduction to Coffee’ course and also the Foundation, Intermediate and Professional levels for the SCA Barista Skills and Brewing modules.

We have also developed our own range of short courses, focussing on the essentials of brewing coffee, and espresso and latte art

If you own a coffee business and would like to discuss a training program for your whole team, then just get in touch with us. You can find our current educational offering here