Help with planning your order

We've put together a handy guide to help you plan your order with us. You can  access it by clicking here.

Here is a list of roast dates for the next few weeks for those of you that really like to plan out your coffee supply! I'd really love to be more like you......


Roast Date  DPD Delivery Day  Royal Mail Delivery Estimate
Tuesday 29th September  Thursday 1st October  1st - 5th October
Tuesday 6th October  Thursday 8th October  8th - 12th October 
Tuesday 13th October  Thursday 15th October  15th - 19th October
Tuesday 20th October  Thursday 22nd October  22nd - 26th October


Fine print: 

Webshop orders are roasted on a Tuesday and prepared for collection by either Royal Mail or DPD the next day. 

DPD delivery is on the next working day (i.e. the Thursday following roast day) in all but the most extreme wether events or when something else has caused serious disruption on the roads. There are a very small number of geographical areas in the UK where delivery will take an additional day.

In our experience, Royal Mail deliver at least 95% off packages the next working day (i.e. the Thursday after roasting), but they can take up to seven working days. It is extremely rare for packages not to be delivered within this timeframe. 

Order deadlines are at 5am every Tuesday, so any orders received after that will be roasted the following week.

We're giving you this information to try and help with your planning but once your coffee leaves us, we don't have any control over what happens to it! - of course, if you're concerned about your delivery, then please get in touch with your order number and we'll do our very best to track down your coffee for you!