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This coffee tastes like classic washed Ethiopian coffee. Think big florals, tropical fruit acidity and a bergamot-like finish. Prepare to be transported to mid-summer! 

My goodness, this coffee. Strange to say, but it reminds us of the very best washed Ethiopian coffees from a few years back, even though it's actually a natural. It's incredible clean, floral and a fruity. Delicate and yet complex and beautifully well balanced, it's been years since I've enjoyed an Ethiopian coffee as much as this.

It's versatile too, and shines both as filter and as espresso. Of course, the delicate flavours may get lost in milk but keep the milk dose low and you'll be fine. 

Origin:  Daye Bensa, Sidama. 

Varietals: Heirloom.

Processing: Natural

Roast colour: 131 (

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more)

Q Score: 87 (what's this?)

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This lot comes from the Bekele Kachara producer group of Daye Bensa in Sidama regional state. It is made up of coffees contributed by 86 local smallholders in the area who deliver cherry to the washing station and are paid by weight of cherry.

The station has a staff of 4 full time employess and recruits just 12 additionally during the harvest months of mid-October to January. The site covers 12 hectares and the main varietal grown in the area is 74158. Coffee trees here grow under the shade canopy of native trees which keeps the soil moist and nutrient rich.

Farmers here are focussed on water conservation so construct ridge irrigation systems to keep the soil and trees healthy. They apply organic fertilisers which consists of manure and discarded coffee cherry with other prunings. This lot is naturally processed and dried slowly on raised beds.

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Customer Reviews

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A family favourite

These beans have become our favourite Ethiopian blend and one we will continue to buy regularly. It has depth, subtlety but a degree of smoothness which we enjoy throughout the day.

Thanks Nicola, that's really great to hear!! Unfortunately, we only have enough of this particular coffee to last another couple of weeks. Fortunately, fresh crop Ethiopians will be landing soon!

Its OK

This bean delivered (bean to cup machine) what, to me, tasted somewhat thin and without much character.

Hey Nick, sorry to hear you haven't been bowled over by the Bekele. may be worth bumping up that dose a little if you want more strength, and grinding a little finer to bring out more flavour. Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss.......

Alfie Green

Bekele Kecharo Murago - Ethiopia

Martyn Brooks
Bekele Kecharo Murago

Surprisingly subtle with coffee to the nose. Loved it.

Thanks for the review Martyn and glad to hear you enjoyed the beans!