Gitega Hills - Rwanda

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This year we have taken just one coffee from Rwanda, mainly because of the eight on our shortlist, this was the one that stood out above all the others. As always, you can expect that big juicy body. This coffee also has a delightful plummy, pear note that is accompanied by a hint of spice (think mulled wine). The whole experience is finished off by a very satisfying dark caramel finish. 

Origin:  Nyamagabe District, Southern Province. 

Owner:  Various Smallholders. 

Varietals: Bourbon

Processing: Washed

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The Gitega Hill’s washing station is located in the Nyamagabe District of the southern province and is located very close to Nyungwe Forest and the traced source of the Nile River. Bernard Uwitije, a native of the area, had been trading natural coffee up until 2015 when he realised the potential for washed coffee from this area. Despite being his first time in processing fully washed coffee, he could count on his overall experience and knowledge when establishing the wet mill. He equipped the station with a 1500kg Penagos machine, fermentation tanks, and raised drying beds. These investments, along with strong oversight, has yielded very high quality parchment in his first full year in operation. The average farm supplying to Gitega is at an altitude around 1650m, and that high altitude along with the volcanic soil of the area make Gitega an excellent location for high-quality processing. The coffee is continually hand sorted by an army of brightly clothed women, who are meticulous in their removal of defect beans.


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Aeropress rather than expresso. Delicious.

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