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'Tropical fruit notes, cordial-like juiciness and a silky sweet finish make for a truly sumptuous brew.'

Guatemalan coffee of this ilk is such a pleasure. It somehow manages to be clean, fruity, exciting and classy all at the same time. The acidity is a little more pronounced when brewed in the espresso machine, but otherwise you're in for perfectly balanced, complex coffee however you like to brew it. We're currently loving this coffee in a V60, which highlights the tropical fruits and the raw, cane sugar like sweetness. No doubt, you're going to love this one. 

Origin:  Chimaltenango, Guatemala. 

Varietals: Caturra and Bourbon. 

Processing: Honey

Roast degree: 126 (

Suitable for: All Brew Methods (read more)

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Antonio 'Tony' Medina inherited the farm from his dad, who distributed his farm as smaller plots among all his children. Initially, Tony planted only basic grains like corn and beans. But he also tells that it has always been his dream to have a coffee farm. And at a young age, when he didn’t have anything yet, he started to work on different coffee farms to learn and gain experience.

In 1991, the first coffee tree was planted. Slowly but steady, Tony increased the number of trees and the production. After 25 years, Tony concludes that his dream has come true. It taught him that his perseverance has paid off. The varieties on his farm are Caturra and Bourbon. He wants to plant other varieties to improve his quality even more. Another plan of his is to work with African raised beds to improve drying and overall quality.

This lot represents a collaboration between Antonio and the team that works at Primavera’s dry mill in Santa Rosa, Guatemala. They begin the day of picking as early as possible, and only select the most ripe cherries off the branches. The cherries are placed into sacks to be transported via truck, a journey that takes all night.
The next morning at dawn, the cherries arrive at the dry mill in Santa Rosa. There, the sacks are weighed and then the cherries are washed.

While being cleaned, the floating cherries that rise to the top are sorted out. The remaining clean cherries are depulped and then immediately placed into the sun on raised beds next to the dry mill. The honey coffee spends about 13 days in direct sun, about 11 hours per day. 

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