Londinium L3

The Londinium III sets a new benchmark for the highest demand settings. This three group commercial espresso machine is based on the same principles as the L1-P and the LII but with a 20 litre boiler and a 7500w heating element, it'll take everything that you can throw at it.

As with all Londinium machines, it just makes so much sense in a commercial setting. When compared to the ubiquitous pump machine, not only will you be making superior espresso, you'll also be doing it with less fuss, less costs and considerably more theatre!

Of course, we can also supply grinders and anything else you'll need to serve great coffee. We also offer a complete installation service if needed. If you'd like to know more, or if you want to see a Londinium espresso machine in action, please contact us. You can also read about why we sell Londinium espresso machines here.

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