• Because they're worth it

This is a goal that we've had since we were first able to employ people and now we've done it! 

So, what is it? Well, becoming accredited means that we have committed to pay all our team members the 'Real Living Wage', which is independently calculated every year. The hourly rate is much higher than the statutory minimum wage as it reflects the actual cost of living and it also applies to all workers aged over 18. 

In our region (Yorkshire and Humber), over 465,000 people are paid at rates below the real living wage and so we are really proud to join over 6000 businesses in the UK that believe in paying a fair days pay for a hard day's work.

For anyone interested in learning more (perhaps it's something you would like to talk to your employer about!), then you can find out more about the Real Living Wage here. 

Our team are really amazing. They work hard to be excellent at everything that they do and we couldn't do this without them. Of course, money isn't everything but it makes us feel really proud that we can give them the credit they deserve in their pay packets. 

Whats does this mean for you as one of our customers? Well, it means that your coffee is going to be served or roasted by someone who is earning a decent wage for the effort that they put in. We think that means that they'll be even more motivated to do a great job. You'll also be spending your money in a business that really values the people that work in it and hopefully that makes you feel good too.